Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Phew! What a day! :)

So today started out at up before Jonas (why oh why can I not sleep in???), checked email, facebook, and hip2save (I'm an addict, there I admitted it). Then began the [[[dum da duhm]]] Diaper Wash! Could you hear the deep manly voice in which I said that? Well, anyways, I really do enjoy doing diaper laundry. I don't know what is wrong with me. There's nothing like seeing those adorable cute cloth diapers flapping in the wind on our feeble retractable clothesline (or on rainy days, the indoor clothes rack). I love the feeling of having clean diapers! It is right up there with that feeling you get when you have a full tank of gas. Know what I mean? Don't get me wrong, I don't enjoy whatever method necessary to get the poo off before putting it in the wetbag (sorry, TMI), or re-stuffing the pockets. But I do like hanging them on the line, and I do like folding them. Opening the drawer to find all my favorite diapers clean and at my disposal is wonderful! It is so fulfilling.

Since the diapers are clean (and prepped in this case), we will be trying out our sample "Comfy Rumps" first thing in the morning...exciting things are ahead! I will also be "mentoring" Alaina (a friend's daughter) on photography. She is entering An American Girl Photography competition, and her mom thought this would be a good learning opportunity. Hopefully I can impart what knowledge I have to her. And a bigger HOPEFULLY is that Jonas will be good so that I can do it. :)

For diapers, I basically do a cold rinse w/detergent. A hot wash/cold rinse w/detergent, and then an extra cold rinse to get rid of extra soaps. So far, I've used All Free and Clear, but soon, like next load, I've got something new, something fresh, something exciting to try out! HOMEMADE LAUNDRY DETERGENT!!!! I made my first batch today! It smells yummy! Can't wait to get some more essential oils to try out! So far, I just have Tea Tree Oil. I chose it because it has so many other uses. I store my new powder detergent in none other than a Tupperware container, hoping to preserve the baking soda and the essential oil fragrance. They say 2 Tbsp is all you need. I'll add vinegar to the fabric softener dispenser to aid in rinsing.

Other than those two things (diaper laundry and detergent making), I made tea (big whoop, right?), organized some bills (blah!), made yummy Spinach Stuffed Chicken Rolls (see for the recipe, just do a search, they are divine!), and went to Verizon (horrible process they have there, waited for over an hour) to try and lower our cell bill, no luck. I read three chapters in "Believing God" by Beth Moore, watched a movie, and I also began working on a banner (with Melissa) for Jonas' birthday which I will share when it is complete...more distressing and texturizing to do. (Did that sound like a hairstylist?)

Overall a productive day! :) Well the family is safely tucked in bed, so I'm off to join them.

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