Friday, February 26, 2010

Party Tonight

My son is now one! I can't believe how truly fast this year went by! I spent a while yesterday watching the "birth" video from last February. It was basically right after he was born, in the nursery, and my first time holding him. :D Sweet memories.

Tonight is the party! I'll be sure to post pictures later of the festivities! :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Boycotting Snapfish...

Well it isn't necessarily that serious, but I got wind of a great freebie (see older post about coasters) from Snapfish...spent a good amount of time uploading pictures and ordering it, got the confirmation email, only to then get this email later...

Dear Meredith,

It has come to our attention that an expired offer featuring coasters was incorrectly added to your new account. We regret the error yet we're pleased to tell you that the intended offer – a FREE 5"x 7" greeting card – is waiting for you. Use the link in this email to log in to your account, create a card featuring your favorite photo, and get it FREE. We sincerely apologize for this situation and any inconvenience it may have caused you.*

Please click here now to create and order your FREE greeting card.

Thank you for choosing Snapfish!


The Snapfish Team

Ooh, a lousy greeting card? Instead of a free $25 coaster set? When things like this happen, I think companies should suck up their mistakes and provide their product to save face...they are getting bad reviews all over the internet now on various blogs. I'm not sure why they would allow a coupon code like that to exist if they weren't going to honor it. Stupid snapfish...wasted my time (and did I really just waste more time on Snapfish by dissing them to you?)

Sorry if you followed me there and ordered the stinks!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bridesmaid Blues

I went with my friend Addie (the bride) tonight to look for a bridesmaids dress for her wedding (with Patti, a really sweet friend of Addie's who is also a bridesmaid...and size 2). It was fun hanging with the girls, but when it came time to try on the oh man did I look HORRIBLE! I am sooo freaking fat! :( Of course Patti looked lovely in the size 4 gown she tried on (and had to hold so it wouldn't fall off!). The dress is really pretty on her, and on the "models" in the pictures. But on white, overweight, flabby old me, horrible. The thing is, David's Bridal doesn't have the shade of aqua that Addie and Brad want to use, so we will be going elsewhere for a dress (maybe even black) and for hopefully better service. (shame on you David's Bridal employees!) Anywho, that is my rant for the night...I need to lose some poundage so I won't look so horrific standing by Addie! Problem? I love food and hate exercise. :( I guess I need to work on my self! Either that, or get a false sense of self confidence, right? :P Looking forward to more dress hunting with Addie dear!

In Progress

Well the Comfy Rumps sample is on his bum! :) Took some pictures, and it has been on for almost 2 hours. No leaks going strong! :) A full review will come soon. I will most likely want to try it a few times before giving you the recommendation to buying them yourself.

On a side note, have you tried PraiseBaby dvd's? Jonas loves them! They are just video clips and images (some not so cool looking, anyone could make this!) with kids style praise and worship music in the background. He is mesmerized by it! He just stares. Well, until he stands up and pushes buttons on the entertainment center and makes it go off.... He's a mess! :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Phew! What a day! :)

So today started out at up before Jonas (why oh why can I not sleep in???), checked email, facebook, and hip2save (I'm an addict, there I admitted it). Then began the [[[dum da duhm]]] Diaper Wash! Could you hear the deep manly voice in which I said that? Well, anyways, I really do enjoy doing diaper laundry. I don't know what is wrong with me. There's nothing like seeing those adorable cute cloth diapers flapping in the wind on our feeble retractable clothesline (or on rainy days, the indoor clothes rack). I love the feeling of having clean diapers! It is right up there with that feeling you get when you have a full tank of gas. Know what I mean? Don't get me wrong, I don't enjoy whatever method necessary to get the poo off before putting it in the wetbag (sorry, TMI), or re-stuffing the pockets. But I do like hanging them on the line, and I do like folding them. Opening the drawer to find all my favorite diapers clean and at my disposal is wonderful! It is so fulfilling.

Since the diapers are clean (and prepped in this case), we will be trying out our sample "Comfy Rumps" first thing in the morning...exciting things are ahead! I will also be "mentoring" Alaina (a friend's daughter) on photography. She is entering An American Girl Photography competition, and her mom thought this would be a good learning opportunity. Hopefully I can impart what knowledge I have to her. And a bigger HOPEFULLY is that Jonas will be good so that I can do it. :)

For diapers, I basically do a cold rinse w/detergent. A hot wash/cold rinse w/detergent, and then an extra cold rinse to get rid of extra soaps. So far, I've used All Free and Clear, but soon, like next load, I've got something new, something fresh, something exciting to try out! HOMEMADE LAUNDRY DETERGENT!!!! I made my first batch today! It smells yummy! Can't wait to get some more essential oils to try out! So far, I just have Tea Tree Oil. I chose it because it has so many other uses. I store my new powder detergent in none other than a Tupperware container, hoping to preserve the baking soda and the essential oil fragrance. They say 2 Tbsp is all you need. I'll add vinegar to the fabric softener dispenser to aid in rinsing.

Other than those two things (diaper laundry and detergent making), I made tea (big whoop, right?), organized some bills (blah!), made yummy Spinach Stuffed Chicken Rolls (see for the recipe, just do a search, they are divine!), and went to Verizon (horrible process they have there, waited for over an hour) to try and lower our cell bill, no luck. I read three chapters in "Believing God" by Beth Moore, watched a movie, and I also began working on a banner (with Melissa) for Jonas' birthday which I will share when it is complete...more distressing and texturizing to do. (Did that sound like a hairstylist?)

Overall a productive day! :) Well the family is safely tucked in bed, so I'm off to join them.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

**Freebie** from Snapfish!

I just ordered a set of six photo coasters for the bargain price of $0! No shipping cost either. Read below for details. I copied this from Collin's website (I just typed that like we are old friends, ha ha! I do consider her a thrifty buddy!)


"Yay! I have yet another photo deal to share with you! As you may know, the previous Dog leash photo freebie sold out quickly, so if you want to get in on this deal, you’ll need to be FAST! Currently, you can score a set of 6 Photo Coasters ($24.99 value) for FREE + FREE Shipping!

Wanna get started?
First, you’ll need to go here and register through this link for a new Snapfish account. Once registered through the link, you’ll have earned a credit for a FREE set of 6 Photo Coasters ($24.99 value)! This credit (along with a few other free credits) will show up when you click on the “Your Account” tab after registering. It will be listed under “Your Credits and Offers”!

After registering (using this link), click on the top tab labeled “Store” and then type “Photo coasters” in the search box located on the upper left hand side. You’ll then be able to click on the first search result link and start personalize your coasters with 6 photos of your choice! After you’ve finished, head to checkout! Once you’ve entered your payment info (do NOT choose Paypal because you will get an error message) and shipping info, you should see a spot to enter a coupon code. In this box type in PRESDAY which will score you FREE shipping ($5.99 value)! Final cost– 6 FREE Photo Coasters with FREE shipping! How sweet is that?!"

Thanks for the heads up Collin!

Comfy Rumps

I got my free "sample" diaper (only paid for shipping, thanks Trey!) of an up and coming favorite cloth diaper, COMFY RUMPS today. I'll wash it tomorrow w/ a load and try it out asap, then get back to ya. My initial impression is they are well constructed.

Until my actual usage review, I'll satisfy some of your "craving" to know about this newish diaper with a quick overview. Keep in mind that I am being pretty picky here (trying to give you a complete picture) so some things are not necessarily "deal breakers" for the company or the product, just things I took notice of.

It seems to run about the same size as my Blueberry diaper, but smaller than my Kawaii. (I'll measure exactly before a full review of it w/pics).

Seems to have good construction, nice snaps. The inner is not microfiber (terry) like everyone worried. The inserts are, they feel like the Kawaii ones, pretty thick (which I am thinking I'll love). My test for microfiber is to run my fingers along it, microfiber seems to "catch" on my skin, but the inner of this diaper is very soft, does not catch my skin like the insert does. YAY! That being said, the seams (how the edges were finished off) on the inserts (again, this is being uber picky since I've seen much worse inserts) seemed to not be that nice at one spot. You can see a spot where the machine started and stopped on the edge of the insert. Haven't noticed that on any of my other inserts. I'm sure they will work perfectly fine though. This is merely cosmetic, and it is on the inside of the pocket for goodness sake. Just letting you know the details.

The closure is only a single row of snaps (unlike many snap diapers with two closure snaps per side), so you can't adjust the waist and leg openings separately, so that is a negative factor, but in my case, I really haven't had much need for that anyway. You folks with skinny legged babies might want to consider this aspect.

They come in three colors, pink, white and baby blue. I'm interested to see if they'll come out with more gender neutral colors or prints. They are very inexpensive, so that may factor into the lack of options.

Overall, it seems like a nice diaper and it comes with two inserts (a plus in my book!). I'll update my blog and ds with a full review and pics after I've tested it at least once. Today has been a bad day for leaks...super soaker man has wet through three times. And no, I haven't made him wait unrealistic amounts of time, so we're going to cut back on juice tonight!

God bless!

Thanks again Trey, looking forward to trying this out. Great so far!

More to come soon! :) Stay tuned!

Cloth Diaper Wish List

I do a lot of thinking about cloth diapers...and even more research! :) I am admittedly pretty addicted to the forums, mainly the diaper Q&A, and the "Extra Fluffy" where moms show off and discuss cloth diapering. I still visit the FSOT, but think now I'll probably buy a few ***brand new*** things for my Jonas! :) There are so many things that I'd like to try, a few things I won't try, and a few that are just out of my price range. I decided to blog about my wish list today. Feel free to share your thoughts on the products I'd like to try if you have a review of them.

1. BumGenius 3.0 (with velcro) - I hear the velcro doesn't last, but I have a source that can replace it for me if need be, and I love the ease of it. My hands hurt sometimes (eczema) so snapping the snaps sometimes hurts! So while we have some of both, and I will continue to buy both, I really don't mind the aplix closures. :) So, that being said, this was the first diaper that caught my eye, the one I thought my OCD nature would buy a complete stash out of (so they'd all match). Unfortuntely, I still don't own one! I decided I like having a varied stash, the inserts are interchangeable (though I tend to put them in the ones they came with). I like the variety. So, my next purchase will most likely be a BumGenius 3.0...after which, if I like it, I'd like to have maybe 6 in varied colors. Especially the green "ribbit" one!

2. Organic One Size BumGenius - These are an all-in-one I think will be good for traveling. They are pricey, but they have great reviews. I like that they are all-natural too! :) So after trying one out, I'd love to have at least six in my stash, for nursery at church, babysitters, and just for ease while out shopping. Hopefully I'll get a few of these really soon! :) The only cons I've heard are that they run small, which probably won't be a problem as Jonas seems to be tapering off in weight gain, and that they take forever to dry. Which also isn't a problem since we have a large stash to work with.

3. Flips - also made by the BumGenius company, this product is essentially a cover you put an insert into (not a pocket, just two small pockets to hold it in place). Supposedly you can just wipe out the cover, put a new insert in and go. Reuse the same cover until a BM. They offer stay dry (most interested in), organic, and disposable/maybe flushable? I would think this a great "out on the town" option (if they don't leak) so you could essentially pack one extra cover and multiple inserts and be good all day! Less crowding the diaper bag. I would definitely want to buy 1-2 of these to try before getting extras as they have had mixed reviews. People either love them or hate them. How about you?

4. GDiapers - much like the Flip described above. Their disposable insert is flushable or compostable (though most reviews say it bunches). I'd like to try this diaper, but they are pricey so I'd either buy this used or stick with the orange and white cheaper versions. The others are cute, but wowza the price! I'd like 2 vanilla ones... :D

5. Wool Soakers and Longies - Debating on buying a pattern, buying yarn and taking it to Gram...I should learn to knit! This system is one I'd like to see in action. Apparently you treat the wool with lanolin, and then it acts as a cover over a prefold or a fitted diaper (which I don't have!). They say (not sure who they is) you can reuse the pants/soakers and it is sanitary. I am thinking this would be good around the house or with a new baby. I have 6 organic Bummis prefold diapers now, so I might be buying a few snappis to try out. I do need to read up more on prefolds, as I will probably do that more for the next Black baby until she/he fits into Jonas' hand me down pockets. Wool is so adorable, and they say it isn't scratchy (though I don't understand how it wouldn't be). So it is something I'd love to try, but is out of my price range...maybe I should try fleece out instead, its more affordable!

6. Prefolds - I'd like some different brands to try, but definitely need some inspiration for what brands to buy. I know they say the ole Gerber ones you can buy locally are best to be left for burp cloths, so I am hoping to figure out the right brands soon. Prefolds are very affordable, and can also be used as inserts in pocket diapers, or in the cover type diapers mentioned above (Flips, gDiapers). That being said, I have 6 Bummis organic and will be trying it with a Bummis Super Whisper Wrap (same concept as Flip I think). I bought it locally at Kid2Kid a consignment store. I was elated to find them locally so they were an impulse by (along with the wet bag I dislike--PlanetWise ones coming soon!).

7. Kawaii - not sure why I saved this until last, as these will most likely be my next purchase. I am so loving my Kawaii diapers I got two weeks ago. I am still waiting on one to be returned to me (broken snap on arrival). These diapers are great. The only ones I have that I purchased new (except the Bummis mentioned above). They were pretty inexpensive too (see for more info, terrible website, but good products! Be careful to look at closures because out of my 12, there were 4 different styles of pocket openings/closure combos). My "must haves" are 4 more nighttime diapers, I'll probably get one more white animal print, one more green animal print, and two of the green velcro ones so I'll have two of each type. Then, I'll buy 4 white regular velcro (or heavy duty velcro, whichever) because I need white to wear under light colored pants. Other that that, I'd like to get one each of the other colors (not the dark green since I already have it), another leopard print minky (love it!), another cow print minky (adorable!), and maybe another blue w/white dots. Considering getting a white w/pink hearts minky one (or two) to save for a girl... why not, right? Jon said Jonas could wear pink dipes, after all, he wears pink boxers. LOL!

So there you have it! My wish list...feel free to buy them for Jonas...ha!! His birthday is coming up you know! :D

On a side note, I bought some disposable liners (they look like a longer, skinnier dryer sheet almost) that you lay in the pocket or AIO diaper and it helps get the poo off easily. It helps if just slide off into the toilet. They are great. It was about $6 for 100 of them. If you know your child's poo schedule these could really last a long time. I don't so I've been using them every time, except at night. He rarely poos at night. So just thought I'd share, you might like to try those too...they come on a roll like toilet paper. If you live locally, you can buy them at Kid2Kid, if not, online stores have them. The brand I bought is Bummis since that is about all they carry at Kid2Kid. What do you think about them?

After I move, I might be interested in a diaper sprayer. The RV has one (since there is little water pressure there) and it is super nice for really cleaning those nasties out! :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Jonas' Birthday

So, my first born son turns one in two weeks. I am very proud of his accomplishments, and am excited to see him grow and learn. I am also however sad that he is growing up so very quickly. I feel like it was yesterday I was bringing home my brand spankin' new bundle of joy. He sure is cute. I thought today I'd share the quickie birthday invite for his Augusta party that I made. I got the idea on the internet, and was pleased with how they turned out. Hope you like...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

This is another website that offers high value coupons on toys. I used the Sorry (to get Sorry Revenge Card game), the Pictureka (to get the card game version), and the regular Scrabble coupon (to get Scrabble Slam). I got them for $.24, $.99, and $1.99, so a great buy for three card games! :) Let me know if you have luck with them. They should let you print each one two times.

Winter Jam Tonight

Hope you'll be there too! Jonas is having his first sleepover with Grandma and Grandpa, so Daddyman and I should have a blast with no worries tonight! (((I will probably be thinking only of Jonas though!))) Here's the flyer from, the local radio station.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Got some more deals at CVS tonight...stopped in real quick to use some coupons...

Got 2 more Venus razors (w/2 cartridges each!) one was $9, one was $6
I had 2 $2 off coupons making the rezors $7 and $4 respectively.
I also had 2 "Buy a Venus razor get a free Oil Of Olay Body Wash" coupons.
Those cost over $8 each at CVS (I like the microbead kind).

So $11 plus tax for all four things...
I used a $4 ECB (Extra Care Bucks Coupon) I got earlier today
So I spent about $9 for all that stuff.
The best part... If you spend $15 on Venus razors at CVS, you get $5 ECB back!

So it was like getting 2 razors ($15 sale price) and 2 body washes ($17 retail) all for the bargain price of $4 and change...a little over a $1 an item! Can't beat that can ya!?!?!

Also went to Kroger...spent $30 something, saved $20 something...the receipt is in the other room, don't feel like getting it, sooo tired! :) Shopped til I dropped!
Best buys there:
Gatorade $.69 each -the big size (must buy 10 participating items for sale price)
Smithfield Bacon - coupon plus it was BOGO
Smithfield Pork Tenderloin - regularly $8.99, BOGO +coupon, so I got it for $3.50! MMMM!

Shopping Deals for Today (so far!)

I dragged Jonas out to lunch and then to Target, Walgreens, and CVS. If this pattern continues, he'll surely grow to hate those stores. By CVS he was beyond sleepy. He was good except for at Walgreens, he kept throwing my items out onto the floor. Hard to discipline in the Those buggies are so small that he can reach almost everything I put in there. So, I let him chew on the Nyquil for a while...ha ha!

Here are some deals I got...and hopefully you can scoop some up too! (Please note: Most of the time, these deals are good because of a register reward (RR) from Walgreens, an Extra Care Buck (ECB) from CVS, or a gift card "rebate" (instant though) from Target. So sometimes it just gives you a jump on a future purchase, so I look at it as a discount now. If you choose to count it as a coupon later, it will change the final outcome. For the record, I am on week 2 of these deals, check your local sales flyer for more details. I am just learning, and the biggest thing to learn is to get the right SIZE/PRODUCT and to have extra coupons handy!) Best of luck to you...maybe you can do better than I do! :)

Stop #1: Target
First Transaction:
1. Orbit Gum 3 pack = $2.00-$1 off coupon (Printable at 3 packs of gum for $1!
2. Orbit Gum 3 pack = $1.77 - $1 off coupon (printable, see above) = 3 packs of gum for $.77! :)
3. Scrabble Slam Card Game $5.24 - Coupon $4.00 off (Coupon found on, just click and print)= Final cost $1.24 plus tax (what a great gift!)
4. Sorry Revenge Card Game $5.99 - Coupon $5.00 off (Coupon found on, just click and print) = Final cost $.99 plus tax
5. Pictureka Card Game $5.99 - coupon $4 off (Coupon found on, just click and print) = Final cost $1.99
6. Baseball Card inserts: (this made my total go up...needed them for coupons!) $9.99
7. Rubbermaid Ice pack (monkey shaped for Jonas!) $2.99 (no sale...impulse by)
8. Rubbermaid Ice packs $.94 (just needed them!)
9. Venus Embrace $6.99 - $2 coupon (Sunday Paper) & when you buy a Venus razor, get a FREE Oil of Olay Body Wash (5.49 value) - use coupon in Sunday Paper! Final cost=$4.99 for a razor and a Body wash
10. Venus Embrace $6.99 - $2 coupon (Sunday Paper) & when you buy a Venus razor, get a FREE Oil of Olay Body Wash (5.49 value) - use coupon in Sunday Paper! Final cost=$4.99 for a razor and a Body wash
BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! When you buy 2 Venus Razors, you get a $5 Target gift card! So I got 2 Venus Razors ($14+ value) + 2 Oil of Olay Body Washes (10.98 value) for $10 - $5 gift card, so in essence I got all four items for $5, $1.25 an item!!!! :D (See I count the gift card as a discount even though you have to use it for a future purchase, you might not look at it that way. Its all money no matter how you look at it personally!)

So with tax and all - I spent $34.58 (I saved $37.97) plus I have a $5 gift card for this next transaction:

Second Transaction:
1. Scrabble Slam Card Game $5.24 - Coupon $4.00 off (Coupon found on, just click and print)= Final cost $1.24 plus tax (what a great gift!)
2. Sorry Revenge Card Game $5.99 - Coupon $5.00 off (Coupon found on, just click and print) = Final cost $.99 plus tax
3. Richard Scary Book + Sailboat book = $2 (dollar section, for Jonas)
4. Fusion Razor $6.99 - $4 coupon (Sunday Paper--I had 4 of these in case you wonder about it) = $2.99
5. Fusion Razor $6.99 - $4 coupon (Sunday Paper--I had 4 of these in case you wonder about it) = $2.99
****They gave me a $5 gift card for purchasing 2 Fusion Razors (see sale flyer for details) so in essence, I got 2 razors for $6, and they gave me a $5 gift card, making the cost of TWO RAZORS equal about $1! And there are 2 cartridges per razor!!! :) What a steal!
6. Pictureka Card Game $5.99 - coupon $4 off (Coupon found on, just click and print) = Final cost $1.99

Total came to $7.76 with tax and all, I used my $5 gift card from Transaction #1, and spent $2.76 out of pocket... :) PLUS I still have a $5 gift card! :) So for around $40 bucks, I got ALL that stuff, and I have a $5 gift card to boot! :) Yay for deals!

Stop #2 - Walgreens (this was a bit of a headache as I got the wrong sizes of a few things at attempt number one, but it worked out and you live and learn!)
1. Fusion Razor $8.99 - $4 coupon = $4.99 + they give you a $4 Register Reward for purchasing this, so in essence, I got the razor for $.99
2. Dove Men's Body Wash $5.99 - they give you a $5.99 RR so in essence, FREE
3. Joy Dish Soap $1.99 - coupon=$1 sale price-$.30 coupon = $.70 for dish soap!
4. Vicks NyQuil (sale) $4.49 - $1.50 coupon = $3 (Sunday's Proctor&Gamble ads)
5. Vicks NyQuil (sale) $4.49 - $1.50 coupon = $3 (Sunday's Proctor&Gamble ads)
6. Vicks NyQuil (sale) $4.49- $1.50 coupon = $3(Sunday's Proctor&Gamble ads)
7. Vicks NyQuil (sale) $4.49- $1.50 coupon = $3(Sunday's Proctor&Gamble ads)
8. Vicks VapoRub (sale) $4.49 - $1 coupon = $3.50(Sunday's Proctor&Gamble ads)
***When you buy $20 Vicks products you get $10 RR, so I got all those medicines for $15.50 - $10 RR = in essence getting all those for $5.50, $1.10 an item!! **Note, when Walgreens figures the total you purchased, it figures the "pre-coupon" price, so even though I got all the items for $15.50, it counted as over $20 for the RR program, make sense?
My total was $29.81 (I ended up with $20 RR though) saving $14.80 (again, counting the register rewards, saving $34.80)

Transaction 2 at Walgreens:
1. Whitman's Sampler $9.99-coupon = $4.99 (Walgreens flyer, limit 3)
2. Whitman's Sampler $9.99-coupon = $4.99 (Walgreens flyer, limit 3)
3. Rembrant Whitening (with a free toothpaste!) $21.99 - in flyer coupon = $9.99 - $5.00 coupon from = total cost $4.99 (not bad for whitening + toothpaste!)
4. Aluminum foil $1.19 - in flyer coupon = $.59
5. Joy Dish Soap $1.99 - coupon=$1 sale price-$.30 coupon = $.70 for dish soap!
6. Joy Dish Soap $1.99 - coupon=$1 sale price-$.30 coupon = $.70 for dish soap!
7. Joy Dish Soap $1.99 - coupon=$1 sale price-$.30 coupon = $.70 for dish soap!
8. 3 Musketeer Candy Bar (I had to buy something else to use all the coupons I had, Walgreens limits coupons to one coupon per item you buy so I needed a filler item)
9. Dove Men's Body Wash - $5.99 (supposed to print out RR, but didn't so I returned this on transaction 3)

(((Just realized they overcharged me...aahhh!!)))
After using the $20 register rewards, I spent $6.01 on transaction 2.

Transaction 3 -
Returned Dove Body Wash
Purchased Rembrant Whitening $21.99 - in flyer coupon = $9.99 - $5.00 coupon from = total cost $4.99
They had to give me $.72 back! :D

Stop 3: CVS
1. Fusion Razor - $8.99 -$4 coupon=$4.99 ($4 ECB issued, so like getting for $.99)
2. Cheerios (4 boxes) BOGO sale, so $4.59 + $4.49 = $9.10 - four $.75 coupons = $6.00 for four boxes ($1.50 a box)--Jonas' snack! :)
3. People Magazine...Duggars were on the front (impulse buy)

Spent $16.41 and have $4 ECB for next purchase (so in essence again, I got all that for about $8.50)

So that was our morning, Jonas was too fussy to go farther, so home we came for a nap. Later, we might hit Target again w/some more coupons...I heard there is some free yogurt I also might do the Venus/Oil of Olay deal again. Later, we'll go to Kroger to get some meat on sale (need chicken? Tyson Chicken breasts are $1.99 lb again). :D


Thought I'd post a pic of my Coolababy stash, just so you can see how pretty it is...too bad they leak, right! :( Btw, the top left one is the Happy Heiny that was my first favorite! :)

My Current Cloth Diaper Stash Review

So this is Jonas and his cute bum in cloth diapers. :) Isn't he precious? We are loving the switch to cloth! I so far have tried these brands. I will review them individually so you can see my thoughts.

1. Coolababy (* - one star, only because they LOOK good, not because of function) - these are the first "lot" of cloth diapers I bought. I got them in supposedly "EUC" (Excellent Used Condition) off of FSOT (For Sale or Trade) on Unfortunately now that I have tried the ropes of cloth, I think these have shot PUL (the stuff that makes the outer layer waterproof on most pocket/all in one diapers). I've had no other issues buying used, but this brand is known as the "ebay diaper" and is generally less expensive than the rest. I was able to get 24 of them for very cheap. In case you were not aware, cloth can be expensive ($20-30 per diaper). Only expensive initially though, as you don't have to keep replacing them like disposables (which we have been using on Sundays in the nursery). So I got a huge stash of these cheap, but they leak. I contacted the seller, and I tracked the post, so I know she read it, but she didn't get back to me. If I don't hear from her soon, I guess I'm stuck with the loss. I might try the dryer as some people say it can "reseal the pul". So we'll see. I'd rather just return them. :*( Stupid diapers! They were so frustrating in NC, as I was trying to "show them off" a bit, and they kept who would want to bother with cloth if they're gonna leak all the time? (Forgot to mention, these are one size snaps diapers, great colors and I'm sure new w/good PUL it would be a decent diaper to get you started. Since mine still looked brand new, I think they hold up well as far as looks go, not sure if the previous owner did something to ruin them though.)

2. Mommy's Touch (***, didn't win me over for an AIO, but I need to try a pocket in this brand to be fair)- we only have one (bought used for about $10). It is an all in one style, which is kind of nice because there are no pockets to stuff. It has a sewed in insert and a snap on doubler that we always leave on. Had no leaks with this one except overnight, so it will not be our overnight diaper. It is a one sized diaper, meaning it is supposed to last from birth (or shortly thereafter) until potty training. On my big guy it is on the biggest setting and a getting snug. I'm worried it won't fit long, but Jonas is about to walk so maybe he'll slim on down! :)

3. Happy Heiny (****)- This is a one size pocket diaper (aqua). It was my first favorite. I loved the contoured insert as opposed to the straight ones that come with other diaper brands. It fits him perfectly on the largest setting, with barely any room to grow. While this diaper is velcro and I expect it will not last like a snap diaper would, I love the ease of fastening the aplix instead of snapping. I get a better fit. So I am not anti-aplix/velcro. It is nice. I just hope it holds up for Jonas and beyond, as that would be the most cost effective way to cloth diaper (reuse w/other babies too). Had a few leaks but mainly from not changing him often enough. No stains, easy to care for. I give it four stars! :)

4. Tweedlebee/Tweedlebum - (***) Not sure of which of these two brands these adorable diapers are. I bought them because of the One has a pirate ship and the other a tractor. The inserts that came with these were cute too. They were a prefold type diaper w/flannel serged as a backing (one side flannel print, the other white prefold). Unfortunately, Jonas always soaks through the prefold, so I will be looking into another option for stuffing these bad boys. He is a super soaker, you may not have the same issues. These were the first diapers I bought that were a size (Larges). They fit nicely but will not expand. I don't particularly like how it snaps, as it seems "backwards" to me.

5. Blueberry (****) - I think this diaper is adorable. It loses a star because of how bad it "pills" on the inside layer w/washing. Doesn't look that pretty on the inside. The outside however is adorable (brown w/blue polka dots). The lady I purchased this from didn't send Blueberry brand inserts with it, so I have no idea how they truly hold up. I personally like the diaper overall, but it fits Jonas on the largest setting (it is a one size) pretty snugly. Works for now, and will for Jonas' little bro or sis one day.

6. Kawaii (****) The only diapers I have purchased new (got 12 on ebay for less than $100, shipping included). I have some minky, 2 overnight, and one regular velcro one. She seems to make several different styles. Minky with snaps, minky with square velcro (these have the laundry tabs), overnight/heavy duty (no pun intended?) w/snaps--our current overnight dipe, and regular with round velcro. Two complaints: one came with a broken snap, so I have to deal w/returning it. The other complaint is the square velcro, while I like the look better and the laundry tab, it seems a bit short. I can barely get a good "stick" on my chunky man, while the round tab velcro works wonderfully (but has no laundry tabs). So, these would have gotten five stars, but the velcro issue makes them only get four! I totally recommend these diapers, each comes with two super great inserts (though they are all different, guess they all vary by who makes them for April?) and are super inexpensive! I'll be posting pics of Jonas' animal print bum soon enough! :)

7. FuzziBunz - we haven't used these yet. I ordered them from FSOT when I didn't realize about the Coolababy's PUL and thought it was because they were too small. So a mama on diaperswappers sold me these XL ones (usually special order). I am kind of disappointed in the shape they are in (they are well loved apparently). I am not a fan of the snaps on them (ugly) so if FB still look like this, I wouldn't purchase any more of them. By the way, they are gigantic. I hope we don't need to use them. I think they'd fit a five year old. :( Duh Meredith! I asked the lady about it because the weight on the FB website said 40 lbs plus, and Jonas is only 30, but she insisted that if the one size were tight that this was the next size...wrong, should have gotten larges! Live and learn! ;) They are there if we need them though! All gigantic six of them!

8. I have a freebie diaper coming from a new company, I'll review it for you after I get it. :)

I really plan on getting a few BumGenius, Flips, gDiapers, and a few others as I can. Then I'll let you know my favs. ;) I am slowly building a stash! It is very cute! Pray I can either get a refund for those coolababy diapers or that I can get them to work! :) More to come on this topic later for sure! Gotta go!


Good Morning!

It is a beautiful day outside, and at only 8:37 am, I've already had a shower, go me! :) You other stay at home mommas might relate to getting slow starts in the morning...I usually get busy and don't get dressed until later, but today, oh today is promising!:)

Today's to do-to go to list is very long! I have big goals for the day and we'll see where it takes Jonas and I. It takes so much longer to get things accomplished with a baby. But he is so worth my efforts! My biggest "have to do" task is going to Wolf Camera. I need to get some pictures printed for the birth announcements I am doing for Schylea. (If you order pictures from Black Oak Photography, they are NOT printed at Wolf Camera, rather a professional lab in KS. I am simply using WC today to save some $$ for these announcements). I also hope to print some pictures for scrapping. Wolf has six cent prints (3.5 x 5) on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I don't mind that size for scrapping as I can fit more per page. I am a heavy picture scrapper (I like to use as many pictures as I can). So that is the biggest goal for the day. Other than that, I'll need to look for a Valentine's gift for the hubster, hit up Walgreens, CVS, and Target, and possibly use a gift card and go out to eat with Jonas. Anyone want to meet for lunch? :D

I'm going to do one more post about cloth then finish feeding Mr. J his breakfast and get out the door! Have a blessed day!

Until later...God Bless!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Blog Revamp

So I suppose this in a way is the "first day of the rest of my blog"... he he he! I totally wanted to revamp this blog. As I (rambled) mentioned in the "about me" section, this blog has had many purposes. Thank you to my followers for staying with me, though I've given you nothing to read or look forward to in a LONG time. I actually deleted some of my blog posts that were long posts of pictures just to help your browsers load faster. I realize some of you may have dial-up. I will post pictures, but not long strings of them as before...if you want to see a bunch of pictures, add us on facebook. :)

So the evolution begins (this would be an appropriate type of evolution)...from a blog strictly about craftings, to a blog for my design company, and finally to a more personal blog of sorts. I hope to keep this up better, and to not bore you! :)

I suppose I credit my inspiration to a new blog style to a few folks. ClassiclyAmber for one never ceases to inspire me with her homesteading/crafting/mothering/creative posts on her blog. Check her out, she is super cool... She was super helpful in my transition to cloth diapering too! Tell her I sent you her way! Don't forget to check out her etsy shop while you're there.

Another credit is due to many "friends" on I have many times gotten wrapped up in other mom's blogs after clicking signature links in different forums (my favorites are the FSOT--buying used, diaper chatter Q&A--lots of good info here, and the thrifty families forum--inspirational!) I say that, and then note, that there are many liberal moms on there, so beware. Some I have little in common with (besides cloth diapering) but they have grown to be very helpful members of my life...and I'm learning a lot. I love some of their blogs...even if some people (liberal or not) are weirdos! Others those, I'd love to be more like! :)

A last credit (for now) goes to Collin at She gives great "heads ups" about how to use (and stack)coupons. Links to printable coupons, sales, freebies and more! She is an inspiration. I am trying really hard to only buy things we use, even if the things we don't are cheap (ie, Not just buying them because I have a coupon). She makes this very difficult w/all those great deals. :) She is also my inspiration for my new coupon'll make fun of me for sure so I'll wait to share about it until another day.

Well, today was spent (unpacking a bit--we are in an endless cycle of packing and unpacking until this house sells!) working on editing pictures, laundry, playing with my chubster, reading (currently "Take Two" by Karen Kingsbury), playing Mario Bros a bit on the Wii, ordering photos online from my lab, paying bills (ugh) and FINALLY ordering some wet bags. Much needed wet bags! I also started working on some birth announcements for my friend Schylea (pronounced Chalet in case you wondered) and her new baby girl Emree. There's a sneak peek of her newborn session on facebook if you're a friend or fan.

I was pretty bummed that the Library was out of Dave Ramsey's book that I've been wanting to read. So instead of getting that and "Bringing Up Boys" by Dr. Dobson like I wanted, I got "Believing God" by Beth Moore, "Screwtape Letters" by CS Lewis--not sure about this one, "Parent Talk" by Kevin Leman (one of my favs), "The New Strong-willed Child" by Dr. Dobson (I read today that he and his wife will be retiring from Focus on the Family, FYI), Photoshop Elements/Lighting Techniques, and the "Take Two" book that I alredy mentioned. Don't think I'll get them all done before they are due in 2 weeks, but I am 1/4 of the way through the first one, so there is hope. Finished "Divine" by Kingbury late last night (we stayed up too late because we took an afternoon nap, oops!). One of my "resolutions" was to read/learn more. Especially since I have little interaction w/adults. I always want to keep learning new things.

NEW CLOTH! :) I got new cloth in the mail when I got home from NC last week. We've used it for almost a week now, and only had one leak! This is huge for my super soaker chunky boy! ;0 The leak occurred on the way to Savannah, and it was my fault for not changing him at a stop...I made him go the whole ride, and gave him juice/milk. Ooopsy! Live and learn! Anywho, they are Kawaii brand, and while I think the sudden interest in the company might have overloaded April, the owner, I am very pleased with our purchase. They fit a bit looser than the other one size (meaning, they should fit 8lbs to 35 lbs, birth to potty training) pockets we have. All are worn as big as they go, but these Kawaii give him more room. Did I mention they are adorable, minky prints? See the website if you're interested, IT is a very terrible website, but you'll see the product. Free shipping on orders of 10 or more. I got mine off ebay, 12 for less than $100. Search "Snazzy cloth diapers" to find the listings. My personal favs are the cow print and the leopard prints. :D I hope to talk Jon into ordering some more of the nighttime and regular type (non-minky) w/our tax return (if we get one this year, fingers crossed, on our knees praying!).

Okay, I'll update more later. This is probably information overload for one night. Look forward to some more ramblings coming soon!

Until then...God Bless!