Friday, June 4, 2010

Memorial Day *2010*

What a wonderful trip we Blacks had on Memorial Day weekend.  My in-laws booked a condo in Hilton Head (Hilton Head Resort) for our entire immediate family.  We had a really fun, relaxing get-away and were even joined at the beach by some of our dear Southwest Baptist family. 

Jonas really loves the ocean, and the sand.  I could kick myself for not taking more pictures.  I am a photographer for crying out loud.  Lets just say I took a vacation and really enjoyed my family, and most importantly my son.  He loved digging in the sand.  He'd sit there for hours.  I really liked the days we went to the beach that it was REALLY low tide and he could splash in the tide pools without much worry about a wave taking him away.  I plopped my (Goodwill find) chair into the shallow tide pool and let him play to his hearts content (at least until it was time to reapply his sunscreen).  It was heaven!!  I can't wait to go back.  If there was only a way to leave some of the sand there and not bring it home with you. ;)

On Monday, our last day, I was able to go with just Jonathan, Garrett, and Heather to do some "boogie boarding".  Jonathan and Heather are the pros at riding the waves in, but Garrett and I are sticking to our story that our boards were broken, and it slowed us down.  It was fun, and exhausting!  Three of us left with a bit of a sunburn since we didn't put on sunscreen on that lovely overcast day.  Oops!

We also took family pictures, long overdue family pictures. ;D  They turned out okay.  It really took two tries.  On Sunday night we took too long getting ready, so by the time we trekked out to the beach the sun was all the way down and it was too we did it on Monday morning, so we are all a bit squinty, especially Grandpa.  He has major issues with sun in his eyes!

Well, here's a pic of our family on the Black side, hopefully the other side will have a new pic soon.