Friday, September 9, 2011

I love photography!

So, it has once again, been a while since I updated my blog!  Life with two little ones, a youth pastor for a husband, and a growing photography business keeps me super busy.  In fact, I do most of my "work" at night after the little ones are asleep.  I'm usually hitting the pillow as little Jaxon man wakes for his first nighttime feeding.  :)

God has been very good to our family.  The youth group is thriving and growing, and I meet new people from Savannah all the time who want photos taken.  My goal is to get so busy in Savannah, that when I come to Monroe I won't "have" to work but can if I want to.  I have so many friends in NC that are so good to use me for their photography needs!  It keeps me busy when I come visit, and most importantly, pays for my gas to bring my babies to see their JoMa and Poppy! :)  Jonas loves to come visit.  :)  Jaxon does too, he just doesn't know it yet.  We had a great night last night all snuggled up in bed together.  We sure missed daddy though!

So, the house here in NC is just a little weird without Philip here.  I can see why mom is sad about her "empty nest".  It's weird.  :(  Even if he was always shut up in his room, you still saw him, said hello, and liked knowing he was around (and you were well protected...ha ha ha!)  I am so happy for him though.  He has a cute little house and he's working hard to make it a home.  Hopefully soon I can take applications for a sister in law.  (just really, I'm kidding! :))

Please check my facebook album for my current September specials, they are themed around my husbands birthday.  Speaking of birthdays, my great husband surprised me with a great birthday lunch at Vito's Pizzaria in Savannah.  Our friends Janet, Mady, Kaylee, Patrick, Kathryn, Luke, Emma, and Melissa were in on the surprise and they all came to celebrate with me. Then Mrs. Pat babysat while Jon, MoMo and I went to movie and an unhealthy snack at Applebees afterwards.  It was a great birthday! :)  Now this month we have Jon and Dad to celebrate!  Jon turns 28, and dad the big 5-0!  What a milestone!  Thankful for both of these dad's in my life and their birthdays are pretty special days for me!

Upcoming blog posts I have planned:
My first attempt at making yeast rolls
Cling & Erin's Wedding
My "Very Hungry" Caterpillar Jaxon (though the pictures are already on my facebook page!)
The Cookie Jar Photo Story
Attempting to sew for my guest room/office

and more!  So check back... :)

God Bless!