Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Black Oak Designs

The etsy shop is opened, but not yet stocked...if you care to visit, the addy is Add us to your favs and check back as I will be adding tons within the week! :)

Lots of love!

[Better run, gotta naked baby on my lap I'm about]

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

working on a logo...

My mother in law and I are trying to "label" our craftings and creations for resale, mostly via email, etsy, and at craft fairs. I make cards, scrap layouts, other paper crafts, birth announcements, party invites, favors, pacifier holders, vinyl decals, etc. She sews anything and everything, be we are gonna market nursing covers for breastfeeding moms, kids patterned lounge pants, onesie dresses, and soon hair bows. She also bakes homemade breads and cinnamon rolls, and is teaching me new things as we go. So we are branding ourselves, and since we have a wide variety of skills to showcase, we are mulling over a somewhat generic name. Oh yeah, it needs to include photography, which is becoming more and more of my passion. :) So, what do you my faithful readers think about "Black Oak Designs"? Our last name is Black, but Black Designs doesn't really work for me. I was thinking, black cherry designs, black light designs, and black oak designs, but like the "strength" the oak gives. :) So I like the Black Oak Designs better than the rest, and so did my hubby. I found a great tree to use for a stamp for my stamps and layouts/paper crafts, but I want to be able to cricut cut my logo out. Any ideas? Any good trees on carts? I was thinking about the graphic one on graphically speaking...and there is a creepy one on Paper dolls. Any suggestions?

get naked

I did this vinyl in my shower this morning...thought it would surprise my hubby when he opened the shower door. LOL.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Some thoughts

1. Three years ago today, I was decorating the church for my wedding....I am flooded with good memories. Think I might bust out the wedding pics and do some scrapping I never did. Seems like a good Anniversary project, right? :)

2. My little baby is soooo cute!! :) Have to share a picture from last night. The sad thing is that these are 12 month pj's...he's huge for his age. I need to make [or someone to make for] a small paul cricut ds design...

He shouldn't be hard to dezine..... :)

4th of July outfit made by my Mother in law... :)

3. I can't find my "diaper bag" camera anywhere. We have a big nice camera that we take when we are planning to take photos, but I like to take this little one all the time so that I can get those cute off the cuff photographs...can't find it!!! Maybe I'll find it while I am cleaning today...

4. I get sick of cleaning the house on Mondays, after it is destroyed on Sunday. I mean, this isn't even the real deep down cleaning I'm talking's the suit that didn't get hung up, the ironing board that is still mysteriously left out, the bottles that haven't been sterilized yet, the mail we only check once a week...etc. Takes me most of Monday, and that is ANNOYING!!

Okay, thats all the venting and sharing for now. Thanks for looking, and I like reading your comments! God bless, hope you had a wonderful 4th!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bonny Baxley

This is a bit of a joke...but


Ya know, you can comment if ya want to. :)

Miss ya!!

Some playing...with vinyl

One of my bestie's husbands gave me a bunch of scraps from his sign shop, and I've been playing. I want to do some Bible verses, but wanted to make sure I liked the look before I did so. :) Hope you like! [This is in our master bathroom btw]