Thursday, July 19, 2012

OCD Strikes Again...

This time it hit the linen closet. Featuring nice new homemade labels and dollar store plastic bins (and a few old ones I already had).

The blue and green baskets are new. If I had a bigger linen closer they'd be straight across, but they work as is. Not hard to find what I need and not stuff I get into all the time. I clipped laminated labels on all my sheets, indicating size. Nothing more annoying than unfolding the wrong size. Baggie of extras is clipped to the bigger basket of sheets.

The medicine was already organized for the most part. Just cleaned out old stuff and relabeled. Got rid of expired sunscreen and scents I didn't like. :)

Hope you like the after, too bad I forgot the before photos! Take my word for it, the sheets and small towels were a mess!