About Me

A little about who I AM...

I am Meredith. 

I am in my late twenties and learning more about life every day. 

I am a Christian above all else, and my life's goal is to lead others by example to my Jesus.  At the end of this life, I pray that I can look back and find that everything that I did, was "all to the glory of God." (I Cor. 10:31). 

I am a wife.  My husband is Jonathan and on this journey of life, I've followed him to a few cities in the great state of Georgia.  We're having a blast as husband and wife, and look forward to celebrating more milestones together.  We met in college, married shortly after, and are now serving in GA in youth ministry.  I love my husband. :)

I am a mommy.  I am so thankful that the Lord allowed me to carry, deliver, and be a mom to Jonas Andrew and Jaxon Quinn.  They are so precious and fill my life with joy I never expected.  There is something special about raising your own children.  Jonas is a busy toddler and changes so much every day.  He's growing fast, and I'm trying not to miss a beat! :) Jaxon is a happy, content infant, quickly approaching toddler-hood.  He is always smiling and making us laugh.  He loves his big brother and has completed our home in a way only a "surprise" blessing can.  Being a mom to two boys is a wonderful opportunity!

I am blessed with a great family.  My family is very important to me.  I am blessed to be the daughter of some wonderful parents, who raised me in a Godly home, and gave me the right foundation for life.  I am the sister of one brother, who I love and am thankful for.  Among other things, he's a great mechanic, and is turning out to be a really great uncle for our sons. 

I am blessed with wonderful in-laws who add so much to my life.  I couldn't ask for better second "parents" or siblings. How great it is to have Christian grandparents and aunts and uncles that love God, and that we don't have to "sensor" things when we are around them.  A treasure!!!

I am a stay and home wife and mom.  In life I've had many jobs.  I've been a secretary, a daycare teacher, a florist, a towel printer (don't ask, I'm trying to forget!), a nanny, a house cleaner, and a teacher.  I'm sure there are some that I forgot to mention, but when you start working at 14, you tend to go through different summer jobs.  I went to college to become a teacher, and had the privilege to teach second grade for 3 1/2 years.  My job now is to be a wife and mom.  I am thankful for this opportunity to stay with Jonas and Jaxon and teach them, and help them learn.  And by the way, it is WORK! :) 

I am a freelance photographer, you can check out the "Black Oak Photography" tab, or see www.blackoakimages.com to learn more about that venture.

I am thrifty.  I love saving money and using coupons.  I get a lot of thrill in life by saving money.  Which is good, because life in the ministry doesn't necessarily pay well. I clip coupons, read thrifty blogs, and make things from scratch as often as I can.  I used to blow a lot of money and am working very hard to change my wasteful ways.  I hope to help us get our of debt and on our feet financially really soon!

I am crafty...I love all things craft related.  Well not all things! :)  I love to make cards and scrapbook.  I dabble in making things for Jonas and photo props.  I hope to one day learn to sew (I have very basic skill) and knit. 

I love to cook and bake!  Hopefully I will get better at this.  Bulk/freezer cooking is a passion of mine, as well as trying to sneak in nutrients.  Stick around and I'm sure you'll see some interesting concoctions on here!

I am clumsy.  I am always on a diet.  I like big hair.  I wish my hair had more volume.  I want a lot of children.  I want to homeschool them.  I love my church.  I am addicted to chocolate (why I am always on a diet).  I hate to exercise, but am working on that.  I love my friends, but don't necessarily like to talk on the phone.  I give myself headaches trying not to cry.  I like to cook.  I survived hurricane Ivan, but my car didn't.  It gets on my nerves when things are messy.  McDonald's Frappe's are my newest weakness.  I love Jesus.  I am a Nikon camera snob.  I like to organize other people's stuff.  I enjoy taking pictures, and looking at pictures, and having them printed, and scrapbooking them.  I've only ever owned Toyota vehicles (except for one Ford Explorer, technically Jon's...named Dora).  My favorite shoes are flip flops.  I have a BS in Elementary Education.  I love teenagers, and want to seem them do something great with their lives.  I am in adoration of smocked clothing.  I don't like to clean.  I am organized.  I have more stuff than I need.  I want to live a simple life.  I'd like to have a garden.  I like living near the ocean.  I hate bugs.  I am not self confident.  I think cheese makes most things taste better.  Coke Zero is a wonderful invention.  I loved reading the Twilight series.  I like long dresses.  I love shopping for sales.  It brings me great joy to decorate my house.   I used to work with a florist.  I wish I could sing.  Big jewelry makes me smile.  Black & white is my thing.  Comfy jeans are worth their weight in gold.  My dad is wrapped around my finger, but he may be more tightly wrapped around Jonas's and Jaxon's.  I love pedicures, but I wish I were better at painting my own fingernails.  I often feel inadequate.  Jesus & Jonathan & Jonas & Jaxon complete me.   

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  1. Sweet Meredith..I love to read about you..
    You're a blessing.