Friday, April 30, 2010

All of Heaven is rejoicing!

I saw on Facebook (funny how you keep up with things, family, people, etc better now that the internet is involved...) that my Aunt Pat got saved!!!  She is pretty old (ha ha!), and this is super exciting!!!  I mean it is exciting for a person ANY AGE to come to Christ, but it just seems rare that people in their 50's (or 60's??) do it!  So, Hallelujah from those of us here on earth!  We'll join in with the angels rejoicing in heaven over a sinner who's repented!!  She gets baptized on Sunday, pray that she is discipled by a local church and will continue to grow in the Lord!  I'm so excited to have one less unsaved family member!!!  What a cause to celebrate! :D

Thursday, April 29, 2010

In Memory of baby River Lee...

River Lee Drake never had the chance to breathe on earth, but did have the chance to change his parents lives forever.  This post is dedicated to his memory.  He was never met by anyone in our family, only felt inside his mother.  My step-uncle (long story, possibly [[probably not]] for another time) is married to Jessica, and they have two boys, Aiden and Wyatt.  Today at her 4 1/2 month appointment they were  supposed to find out what they were having [[a boy]] but instead found out that he was no longer living.  What a sad, heart wrenching day for them.  I can't imagine the pain they must be feeling.  I looked at Jonas this afternoon, and felt his hand tightly grasp mine as we walked through the yard, and thought, "Thank you God for this precious gift of life You have given me."  My heart breaks over this little one that Jessica and Fairley will never meet.  I am proud of the decision they made.

I am pro life all the way.  I view life as a gift, and life beginning at conception.  I realize there are many circumstances surrounding families when they face losing a child, and I also realize that not everyone is given the option that Fairley and Jessica were given.  I know it was their decision, I am just stating that I stand behind what they decided to do.  Jessica will be induced tomorrow to deliver her one pound baby boy.  The hospital offered to "dispose" of the body if they chose to.  Jessica and Fairley couldn't go through with that.  Jessica said, "No baby of mine is being thrown into the garbage."  It was an expensive choice, paying for a funeral, casket, and burial plot, but the choice, I believe is pro-life.  A pro-life viewpoint I believe views this unborn baby as a HUMAN, BABY, no less important than one born still born at full term.  Do they dispose of those babies too?  I sure hope not!  So while, personal and intimate, and a very private time for them, I think their choice will give the most closure and honor River in a way that every person deserves.  I applaud them for their choice.  It is a tangible way of remembering their son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin, etc.  I am proud to know them and I pray that God blesses them financially, emotionally, and if they desire it, with another healthy baby.

That being said, I would be amiss to not mention the disdain I feel toward the idea of "disposing" a human baby.  I have no idea where the inclination came that a person would be able to take a baby, who is big enough to be deliverable, and look exactly like a full term counterpart, and could callusly put him or her into the garbage???  Oh how horrible the thought!  I feel sorry for those of you in the medical industry who have to carry out that task despite your better judgment.  I hope there is a way to opt out of it!  And for those of you who think there is nothing wrong with it, I ask, if your baby were stillborn, would you throw it away and "dispose" of it??? I cannot imagine so, but then again, I cannot imagine living with the guilt that would come with an abortion.  So much in this life is unimaginable, and I pray that God gives the wisdom to navigate through murky decisions such as these!  May He prick the hearts of those who choose against life.  :(

I will be praying tomorrow, and urge you to as well, for Jessica as she as induced to deliver her stillborn son.  The doctors say it could take up to 12 hours, and it will be very hard for their entire family.  Praying that God makes it go quickly, smoothly, and that the void will be filled with love from family, friends, and God above.  Praying for you Drake family!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Today is a sick day...

So I've had a fever for a few hours.  It broke and then reappeared... so needless to mention, things have been achy, chilly, and uncomfortable for me.  Jon "had" to go pick up a grill today, so that left me alone with Jonas for five hours.  It completely exhausted me and made me realize how hard this move is really going to be.  A new town, trying to make new friends, not knowing where I'm going, and having no one to call if I need help.  Yikes.  Praying the Lord gives me strength to get through this trial of sickness.  Claiming, "He won't bring you to it, if He can't bring you through it."  :D

On a fluffier note, I was able to snag some Cottonbabies "Seconds".  They are flips, I got one hot pink (so that if/when I have a girl, I'll at least have one pink diaper, plus Jon said Jonas could wear pink since he wears pink  The other is blue.  I heard they are soon to discontinue the darker/brighter colors, so I snagged them up for cheaper!  To my delight, I can't find anything wrong or different about them...well except that there is and X on the tag indicating it is a second.  So SCORE! :D  2 new diapers at an over $10 discount!   Oh, did I mention they are organic?  I don't have anything organic except the BumGenius Organic AIO, and I love it, so I am hoping I love these too, if not, I have extra stay dry inserts to use.  I highly suggest keeping an eye out for deals such as these on

I am still waiting on my Kookabum diapers.  I searched my inbox/spam folders and finally found a response from a few days ago.  Mostly about how they'd keep looking for one of the fabrics that I originally ordered, but found out three weeks later they were out of stock!  So frustrating!  I emailed again asking when they'd ship.   I'll let you know when I get them....and they BETTER be AWESOME diapers!  Hopefully they'll throw in a freebie for me to giveaway to a reader!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More Diaper Chatter...

Flips by Cottonbabies...

Got a Stay Dry Day Pack - included two covers (I got Ribbit, I love green!) and six stay dry inserts.

I have had only one leak with these covers!!!  And it was when Jonas had loose stool and it was with the disposable inserts!  I love these diapers.  They are super reliable, and if not too messy of a diaper (just wet) you can just change out the insert and reuse the cover (I rarely do this even when I can though, I like a completely fresh diaper, but it isn't necessary and saves room in diaperbags!).  They are the trimmest of all of my cloth.  They dry super fast.  They are super absorbant!  :D  I FLIP for Flips!  I will be buying more of them later.  Stock of them is out at most online stores because of the recent Cottonbabies promotion.

Even though I completely love Flips, I hate the disposable inserts.  They don't work for me.  I got a pack free with my order, but they will be sold or traded soon.  I hate them.  Don't waste your money!  The gDiaper disposables are much better, and could be used in the Flips.

Just so you know how versatile these soft, comfy cloth diapers are, you can even use them over a prefold or flat or fitted!  But they will probably be the most trim (important for under clothes) with their own wonderful inserts!  Make sure you put the insert the right side up as microfiber (the bottom side) is irritating to babies bums!  This is why you can't use an insert out of your pocket diapers in the Flip unless you figure out some sort of "sock" or liner.

Hope this info was helpful to you!  I'll add pictures as soon as I can!

I heart Flips!!  They are the best, especially for a beginner cd user!  AND they are sooo fast to prep for wear, way faster for me than pocket diapers.

Until Later!


Currently I have 24 Coolababy Diapers, clean and ready to be sold with 23 inserts.  For some reason, I was one insert short when I bought this rainbow of diapers.  At first I had horrible leaking issues with these, now, not so much.  Just every now and then I'd have a leak.  I think I "fixed" them when I dried them in the dryer to reseal the PUL (waterproof material).  But I still don't trust them, you know?  Like I don't stand behind them, and I just don't reach for them. Even though they are very pretty LOOKING.  The colors are vibrant, and they have very little pilling or staining (if any at all it would sun out).  They are ready to be sold, just need some motivation to take pics of all of them and list them.  I paid $90 for them, and have no idea what to sell them for.  Any ideas?  Anyone got a use for these?  My stash has grown so much that I just don't reach for them.

Also for sale or trade:
1.  Some various inserts sent to me over time...will give them to ya with purchase of other diapers.
2.  Cow print Happy Heiny Diapers (2) - I bought them in so called EUC, but I wouldn't label them quite like that, the velcro doesn't stick well to the washing tabs, but they work great on Jonas.  No memory of leaks, and they stay fastened when worn.  I'd label as GUC.  Selling them for $8 each ppd.
3.  Leopard Print Minky Kawaii $10 ppd - in EUC, but the velcro tabs are a bit to short for my fattie boy! :D  It "sticks" but comes undone easily on him.  It needs more overlap on a thinner child I believe.  He wore it a few times, it is sooo cute!

I'm sure I'll add more to this list later.

Let me know if you want or need any of this!
~ Meredith

Kookabums/Kookabear Kids

Great style, but so far, poor customer service.  I ordered as part of a $10 sale they had, a few weeks back.  After paying, I got an email saying they would be shipped in four weeks.  FOUR WEEKS!  That should be on the website somewhere, dont you think?  Just a tiny little asterick that says, *Diapers will ship in four weeks from time of payment received.  There wasn't one!  Goodness!  But the diapers are adorable, the prints are great, and very they work?  I don't know.  Will I ever know?  I sure hope so!!

Jonas's bum will look super adorable in them (and he might go w/out clothes in them this summer!).  But they still haven't shipped, and I just got an email saying they are out of one of the prints I ordered.  I ordered almost 4 weeks ago!  Wowsa! So I had to pick another print.  Did I mention, she already sent me delivery confirmation?  And they haven't shipped?  I got a DC email form USPS on April 8th.  Weird!  So, not sure if I'll be able to recommend them to you or not!  A friend got hers and isn't that impressed, so we'll see.  All this waiting will hopefully pay off better than I'm expecting!  Until later (when hopefully I get my $40 worth of diapers finally!), when I actually review the diaper, be leary of this site!  So far I DO NOT recommend them!   Maybe they'll get it together soon, she is a SAHM with four kids.  I'm hoping to be pleasantly always, I'll let you know!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What inspires you?

Inspiration comes in many forms.  For some it comes in books, and others from people.  It can be from a preacher, the Bible, magazines, a song, a personal trainer, a friend, a husband or wife, or even a movie.  Inspiration is all around us. 

A preview for a Berenstain Bears movie came on before an old VHS tape we popped in for Jonas to watch at his grandparents house this weekend.  I was reminded of one of my favorite childhood books.  I mentioned about it to Jonathan and why I liked it and he cracked up laughing.  One of my favorite books, and by far my favorite Berenstain Bears book, was "The Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room."  In the book Mama Bear makes them clean up their messy room.  They get various boxes and sort the junk.  They label the boxes and stack them neatly in the closet.  Their dad builds them a toy box and peg board to hang other items.  I can recall getting motivated to clean out my closet many times after reading that book. 

Now anyone who has been to my house and opened my cabinet door, will know that I like things neatly and in place.  Well yesterday, after finding that favorite book on my mother-in-laws book shelf (She gave it to me too!) and re-reading it, and seeing that famous back page picture of that perfectly organized closet, I realized....

That book must have been my organization inspiration!  Ha ha!  My pantry looks a lot like the Bear's closet...except instead of colorful boxes, my stuff is in clear Tupperware with blue lids, but it is stacked neatly and labeled just the same! :D  How funny to realize!

Now I get inspiration from all over, but sometimes it comes from some unexpected places! :D

Some other things that inspire me:
*Magazines (I usually find decorating or cooking inspiration here)
*Cricut Messagboards (if you like crafting/making cards etc)
* (for finding deals!)
*Proverbs 31 (to be a Godly Wife and mother)
* (very talented crafty friend!)
* (many different areas of inspiration here!  Under her inspiration, I started using cloth diapers, made my own laundry soap, and even found the love of using a keeps going though!)
* (anything I need to know about cloth to fix errors...all sorts of things, even living green, living thrifty, and other thigns!)
*Facebook - this may sound funny, but there are lots of times that verses or quotes are very inspiring.  Other times things that others are doing inspire me ( is one thing I found out about via facebook and a friend!)  Sometimes it is photo inspiration.

There are many more,  but these are the ones that I can think of right now!  It is still early! :D

What inspires you?  I'd love to know...and find more inspiration!