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Saturday, August 22, 2009

I have been working! Please pray!

So everything has been crazy around the Black house! Since camp, we have gone to Savannah for the weekend, done a baby shower, decor will be posted later...had a parental visit, gone to see a friend in Macon, been helping to plan two weddings...and trying to start a business on etsy, while also trying to clean out Tupperware by selling whats left on Ebay...and that has been aggravating! :(

Anywho, I'll try to catch up with posting pics soon. I delved into glass etching with great results so far. I did some very cute duck stand ups for the shower and I am dying to show you. You also need to see our pillow case dresses and what we call "UnderCover Mother Wraps" which are for breastfeeding privacy. You'll love them!

Pray for my cousin Mandy's son Kaden. He fell into some ashes that had been burning the night before, and burned his hands and feet. He is in the burn center in Chapel Hill, NC. He made good progress on his feet though the night, now just praying for his hands.

Also pray for some friends, the Kilstroms. They were in a head on collision last night in Charleston while on vacation. The father, Tor had a pin put in his leg today, he broke his femur, thumb, I believe collarbone/ribs, and had lacerations. Hope, his wife had knee replacement today and elbow surgery. I am not sure what else. She is the pianist at the church I grew up in, so I am also praying for a speedy recovery for her arm so she can return to her ministry. Tor is the headmaster at the Christian school, due to start back in September. They have four children. Emma Claire and Noah the eldest have broken collar bones but are doing well. Cherith is two years old and in ICU in a drug induced coma. She has a skull injury and a lacerated liver among other things. We are praying for a full recoery. She is currently on a ventilator but doing better than last night. I feel for Hope as a mother not being near her baby! Gideon is a few months old, but so far has had no found injuries. Please lift this dear family up in prayer. We are thankful that they are safe, but they have a long road ahead!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Busy, busy...

So I've been super busy, a trip to NC to see my mom and go to an old friends wedding and a yard sale to boot. Then we took our teens at church to camp in the mtns of NC. I've been busy making things for my mother in law and my new business, Black Oak Designs, check out our etsy shoppe, I have also been a listing fool on ebay trying to clear out some tupperware I've been storing for a while. The good news is, the auctions are almost over, and after I get all this unpacking from camp done, I should have time for some new cards and challenges. :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Black Oak Designs

The etsy shop is opened, but not yet stocked...if you care to visit, the addy is Add us to your favs and check back as I will be adding tons within the week! :)

Lots of love!

[Better run, gotta naked baby on my lap I'm about]

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

working on a logo...

My mother in law and I are trying to "label" our craftings and creations for resale, mostly via email, etsy, and at craft fairs. I make cards, scrap layouts, other paper crafts, birth announcements, party invites, favors, pacifier holders, vinyl decals, etc. She sews anything and everything, be we are gonna market nursing covers for breastfeeding moms, kids patterned lounge pants, onesie dresses, and soon hair bows. She also bakes homemade breads and cinnamon rolls, and is teaching me new things as we go. So we are branding ourselves, and since we have a wide variety of skills to showcase, we are mulling over a somewhat generic name. Oh yeah, it needs to include photography, which is becoming more and more of my passion. :) So, what do you my faithful readers think about "Black Oak Designs"? Our last name is Black, but Black Designs doesn't really work for me. I was thinking, black cherry designs, black light designs, and black oak designs, but like the "strength" the oak gives. :) So I like the Black Oak Designs better than the rest, and so did my hubby. I found a great tree to use for a stamp for my stamps and layouts/paper crafts, but I want to be able to cricut cut my logo out. Any ideas? Any good trees on carts? I was thinking about the graphic one on graphically speaking...and there is a creepy one on Paper dolls. Any suggestions?

get naked

I did this vinyl in my shower this morning...thought it would surprise my hubby when he opened the shower door. LOL.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Some thoughts

1. Three years ago today, I was decorating the church for my wedding....I am flooded with good memories. Think I might bust out the wedding pics and do some scrapping I never did. Seems like a good Anniversary project, right? :)

2. My little baby is soooo cute!! :) Have to share a picture from last night. The sad thing is that these are 12 month pj's...he's huge for his age. I need to make [or someone to make for] a small paul cricut ds design...

He shouldn't be hard to dezine..... :)

4th of July outfit made by my Mother in law... :)

3. I can't find my "diaper bag" camera anywhere. We have a big nice camera that we take when we are planning to take photos, but I like to take this little one all the time so that I can get those cute off the cuff photographs...can't find it!!! Maybe I'll find it while I am cleaning today...

4. I get sick of cleaning the house on Mondays, after it is destroyed on Sunday. I mean, this isn't even the real deep down cleaning I'm talking's the suit that didn't get hung up, the ironing board that is still mysteriously left out, the bottles that haven't been sterilized yet, the mail we only check once a week...etc. Takes me most of Monday, and that is ANNOYING!!

Okay, thats all the venting and sharing for now. Thanks for looking, and I like reading your comments! God bless, hope you had a wonderful 4th!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bonny Baxley

This is a bit of a joke...but


Ya know, you can comment if ya want to. :)

Miss ya!!

Some playing...with vinyl

One of my bestie's husbands gave me a bunch of scraps from his sign shop, and I've been playing. I want to do some Bible verses, but wanted to make sure I liked the look before I did so. :) Hope you like! [This is in our master bathroom btw]

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Another blog award

This blog award was from Thank so much! :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Cards...

Some new cards I made on our teen rafting trip. I didn't raft since I had baby Jonas with me, so while they were gone all day, I crafted and played with J-bug! :)

Vinyl People

I cut out some vinyl people for my hubby says I should draw faces on them w/Sharpie. What do you think??

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


:) Praise the LORD!!!!!!

Jonas went for his VCUG Monday, and did great! Of course, he cried when they put the catheter in (and mommy almost did too), and pitched it because the nurse was holding his legs still for 30 or so minutes, but other than that, it went great!!! The radiologist did the test (they filled his bladder w/special fluid 3x and did a series of live xrays) and on a scale of 0-5, 5 being worst, he was a ZERO!! There was no evidence of reflux in his kidneys!!!! :) I am so elated, God is sooooo good to us! Our pediatrician is on vacation, but her nurse called and said everything looked good. :) Thank you friends for your prayers!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


So, I've never posted about this before, but wanted to give the "low down" on what we are facing right now, and request those of you who will to pray for Jonas.

Background: I was seen by a high risk OB doctor while pregnant because at my 19 week ultrasound they saw dilation in Jonas' kidneys, about 6mm/7mm respectively. Each month they improved or stayed the same, and at birth a urologist did an ultrasound and said the dilation was down to 1 mm.

So, I gave this problem over to God, and haven't really worried. In fact, I had faith that it was gone, as many docs have told us it fixes itself many times. Since it improved each month during pregnancy, I expected that to be the case now.

We went today for a follow up ultrasound at our local children's hospital. They were very nice, and Jonas did great. They looked at his kidneys and his bladder. The problem is still there. She explained it as reflux, the urine goes into his bladder, then a muscle isn't working correctly so the urine goes back into his kidneys. This can cause infections and kidney problems later. So, Jonas' wonderful pediatrician, wants him to have a more invasive test (can't remember the letters of the abbreviation for what they called it) where they put a catheter in, inject dye,and watch for about 45 minutes through a series of xrays. Not sure exactly it tells them, but based on a scale of 0-5 (5 being worst) they will determine if he needs surgery or if they will just watch them like they have been doing.

I am pretty nervous as a mother thinking about even the catheter test they will do, but I am putting it in God's hands, or at least trying to leave the worrying to Him. I know whatever happens is His will, but I want to make the right medical decisions for Jonas. So, if you think about us, please pray for Jonas. I still believe God can fix them without surgery. :) I believe in the power of prayer!!

Thanks for letting me share my heart! God bless.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Card Challenge Day

Well, I did 2 challenges today, one from the Cricut Messageboard, and one from the From C to Shining C Messageboard.

First the Cricut ones:
Sketch one:

Close Up:


Sketch 2:


FC2SC Challenge:

Close Up:

Some friendship cards, just for fun:




And my favorite creation...but gotta give God the credit for this miracle! :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Okie's Card Challenge Cards

Well, I had time to do Okie's Card Challenge this week. The good part, they actually resemble the sketches! :)

Here are the sketches first:

Sketch One:

Close Up:

Sketch 2:

Close Up:


All stacked up:
I was pretty proud of my flowers...made w/layers of 2 colors of purple paper...

Sketch 3: Color Challenge

another color challenge card

And of course a pic of my sweet lil man:
He can now reach the "floor" to his bouncer...not strong enough to make it "boing" when he jumps, but he's close, and knows how to use his arm to make the music start. :) So cute, and growing so fast!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Whew what a weekend!

Well, since Thursday, it has been a whirlwind! Thursday was our special birthday bash for Braddie...Friday was a day off sort of and I was able to make some things (posted below)...Jonas DID NOT SLEEP GOOD LAST NIGHT, I was up every hour at least once. So this morning I got up after lack of sleep, at 5 am because we had a yard sale at church. Came home, fed the bebe, then got ready for family dinner at my now I am zonked and ready for bed, but my father in law is trying to fix my ice maker so I can't go to bed... :*( But I'm glad he's fixing it!! ;) And the teen yard sale went great. $554 was raised for camp. I am so looking forward to'll be a mini vacation for us, since we can't afford to go anywhere for real...Maybe I can sell some crafts soon. I just never think what I do is good enough to sell. ??? Who knows! Well that is my rant for the main goal for tomorrow is to web chat with my mom and son. She misses him. Monday my goal is to do a card challenge!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Finally some updates...

First of all I have for you...two new wipe containers I made. I am pretty proud of them, since they are my 2nd and 3rd attempts at Cricut vinyl. I am sure it gets better and better!!! I only have brown and black, and need to find a good resource to buy more vinyl colors. A friend asked about me selling these, so I made her some, Brown and pink for Ella and Black and red for Eli, two babies she adopted. Like I said, I only had brown/black, so I used permanent markers and colored in the middle of the outline font on All Mixed Up. I like how it turned out. We'll wait and see how durable it is. :)



Next I have a pic of my poor baby's boo boos from shots. [**pause a moment and say to yourself, "Aww, poor bebe" moving on...]

Tonight, my gal pal Melissa (one of the teens in our youth group) came over and we each made Father's Day cards (wallet cards). Thank you BrensDesigns for the idea and cut files. :) Great work! You can get the cut files off her blog here... She does wonderful work!!! I had to make two, one for my dad and one for my FIL. I used chocolate ink to add effect to the embossed outside. I put a real dollar (we have a real gift too) in and made "credit cards" for us each to write a for Jon, one for me and one for Jonas. :) The last card says Happy Father's Day. I put some Studio G $1 stamps on each of the "credit cards." I think they turned out nicely.




Here are the cupcakes (and Brad and Addie) I made for our birthday bash....Brad+Addie=Braddie, thus the "Happy Birthday Addie". Just cut the letters out at 3 inches from Opposites Attract font on my cricut and stuck them in the cupcakes. Turned out nicely I think.


This is Addie's was a set of 10 notecards I made for her inside a 2 liter bottle. Another idea from the Cricut messageboard. :) Love that place!!

This was my first weld on design studio, I made Jonas' name with a whale (paisley from stretch your imagination, and spout from accent essentials). It is okay, needs some tweaking, but I thought it was cute, for no longer than it took me.

Here's another cute pic of Jonas from today...
I think that about covers it for tonight!! Thanks for checking my blog, and as always, I love reading your comments, so please show some love!!!

Goodnight for now, we have a yard sale in the morning, so I need to get in bed asap. It is already 11, and we are LEAVING at 6:15 to head to the church. All proceeds go to help our teens get to camp. I am praying for good weather (they are calling for rain), a good turnout, and lots of profit!! :) Here's hoping and praying! Tomorrow night, we are having dinner with my future sister in law. I don't know her well since she lives in Mt. Dora, near Orlando, and I've only seen her twice. So I am looking forward to spending some time with her and getting to know Jonas' aunt. :)

**Anyone know a faster photo uploading site? Photobucket takes FOREVER on my computer....

Meredith...aka, Merdybug