Thursday, June 11, 2009


So, I've never posted about this before, but wanted to give the "low down" on what we are facing right now, and request those of you who will to pray for Jonas.

Background: I was seen by a high risk OB doctor while pregnant because at my 19 week ultrasound they saw dilation in Jonas' kidneys, about 6mm/7mm respectively. Each month they improved or stayed the same, and at birth a urologist did an ultrasound and said the dilation was down to 1 mm.

So, I gave this problem over to God, and haven't really worried. In fact, I had faith that it was gone, as many docs have told us it fixes itself many times. Since it improved each month during pregnancy, I expected that to be the case now.

We went today for a follow up ultrasound at our local children's hospital. They were very nice, and Jonas did great. They looked at his kidneys and his bladder. The problem is still there. She explained it as reflux, the urine goes into his bladder, then a muscle isn't working correctly so the urine goes back into his kidneys. This can cause infections and kidney problems later. So, Jonas' wonderful pediatrician, wants him to have a more invasive test (can't remember the letters of the abbreviation for what they called it) where they put a catheter in, inject dye,and watch for about 45 minutes through a series of xrays. Not sure exactly it tells them, but based on a scale of 0-5 (5 being worst) they will determine if he needs surgery or if they will just watch them like they have been doing.

I am pretty nervous as a mother thinking about even the catheter test they will do, but I am putting it in God's hands, or at least trying to leave the worrying to Him. I know whatever happens is His will, but I want to make the right medical decisions for Jonas. So, if you think about us, please pray for Jonas. I still believe God can fix them without surgery. :) I believe in the power of prayer!!

Thanks for letting me share my heart! God bless.


  1. You know we are praying for our little precious Jonas as well.

  2. oh my goodness, your sweet little man.....sending you big {{{HUGS}}} and prayer, I hope everything goes well.

  3. Hi Merideth!
    As i was reading this and singing the song on your blog these words stirred me "He made the lame walk and dumb talk and he opened blinded eyes to see"(I LOVE that song)I started crying because I know the AWESOME healing power of God from the miracles in my own life. {too long to go into here...I did a post on testimonies at FCTSC and wrote about some of it if you are interested} I will be praying for Jonas and for you to keep peace over this!! HE IS OUR HEALER!!