Saturday, June 6, 2009

Whew what a weekend!

Well, since Thursday, it has been a whirlwind! Thursday was our special birthday bash for Braddie...Friday was a day off sort of and I was able to make some things (posted below)...Jonas DID NOT SLEEP GOOD LAST NIGHT, I was up every hour at least once. So this morning I got up after lack of sleep, at 5 am because we had a yard sale at church. Came home, fed the bebe, then got ready for family dinner at my now I am zonked and ready for bed, but my father in law is trying to fix my ice maker so I can't go to bed... :*( But I'm glad he's fixing it!! ;) And the teen yard sale went great. $554 was raised for camp. I am so looking forward to'll be a mini vacation for us, since we can't afford to go anywhere for real...Maybe I can sell some crafts soon. I just never think what I do is good enough to sell. ??? Who knows! Well that is my rant for the main goal for tomorrow is to web chat with my mom and son. She misses him. Monday my goal is to do a card challenge!

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  1. I'm worn out just reading how hectic your day has been!! fantastic yard sale for camp :D