Tuesday, June 2, 2009

First post of the month...

Well, I don't have a picture to post today, but WHEW what a day! Yesterday, I actually switched my operating system over to Windows and played with CDS (Cricut Design Studio). Truth is, I got it for my birthday (in August!) from my sweet hubby, but that was the first time I touched it. (10 months isn't that bad is is???) Anyways, I welded Jonas' name and today I cut it on vinyl (another first for me!!) So now his awesome name is in brown vinyl on his wipe containers (for his diaper bag). I'm pretty proud of myself!! Two firsts in one day!

Today was also sad...I took Jonas for his 2 month check-up, sadly he is 3 months, one week already but I just got some insurance for him...so....anywho, He got 3 shots and it was pitiful. I was going to take a picture, but my heart was so broken for him [my first baby...hope this gets easier]. So alas, no scrapbook page of Jonas' first shot day....well maybe I'll take a pic of his boo boo [doggie band-aids] tomorrow and use my new cds skills to make a needle....who knows! It was hard for me as his mommy, wish I could just take the shots for him. :(

So...I then spent the afternoon making yard sale signs for the youth yard sale on Saturday, that I am hoping doesn't get rained out. Ahh! They turned out nice. My Auntie gave me some thick boards that are used at her work to put pics on. She works for a photo developing company, and when you order big pics, they mount them on thick board or canvas. These were damaged (barely) and were going in the trash at her work, so I used them to make the signs (FREE!) and they are durable. The best part, I welded the words, then peeled off the sticky (the boards have a paper covering a whole page of sticky). I carefully put the words and arrows, then covered the rest of the board with contact paper, so they are "laminated" and it covered the rest of the sticky.

I hope tomorrow to post pics of the signs, Addie's awesome card/2 liter bottle gift, maybe my love bug, and quite possibly my first vinyl project and Jonas' great new logo....(with a whale! that I made and welded in CDS!). Too busy today, and my camera battery is DEAD (and I still haven't gotten the charger out btw).

Well, I'm tired and rambling. Hoping to play with my new toys from Jo-Ma's surprise "RAK" to me, and hope to actually post them! :) Thanks for being patient!!!

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