Wednesday, September 5, 2012

More Letter A Fun!

Today was really fun! We started the day with a field trip to the airport. We watched planes take off and land. Then, when we got too hot we went inside the airport (mommy visited Starbucks) and went to see Luke's great grandpa who works there. He had special prizes for all the kids. Airplanes for Luke and Jonas, a car that lights up for Jax, and a zebra stuffed animal for Miss Emma. It was so nice of him to do that! More photos will come later. The kids even got up on the scales and weighed themselves. :)
Jonas on the scale...51 lbs!  Luke on the scale...34 lbs (I think...)
Luke and Jonas watching the planes from the inside windows...much cooler than the hour we watched outside! :)
Their cute little US Airways planes from Luke's great grandpa! :)

When we got home we did a few more letter of the week activities and some that I made up.
This is a pre-writing practice sheet from that I laminated so he can reuse it.  He completed it with a dry erase marker.  There is a back to it (and on her site, there are three pages, I only printed two), which he also did.  He will be trying again throughout the week.
I had Jonas work on separating the green apples from the red, then we worked on making a simple pattern.  This is his mean face.  He wasn't really mad, he just thinks it is funny to do that face, then a happy, then back to mean, over and over and over and over and
This is a playdough mat I found online.  You are supposed to add apples to the tree and petals to the flower.  It was found on pinterest...not sure the original site, sorry!  And sorry to the source, if anyone knows where it is from, let me know and I'll give credit!  I basically printed, laminated and let him play.  I rolled balls of playdough for him and he squished them in place, then he just played with the playdough.  :)  He liked it.  I am kind of picky about playdough.  I bought a brand new set for school since he mixed his last set, so for now he gets only one color at a time.  There is a crocodile picture on the back of this one.  He gave him teeth (and covered his body) with playdough, then we cleaned up....and he cried because he wanted to keep playing with playdough.
You can't really tell what this is, but it is a lacing game I made.  I got a length of rope cut at Lowe's then I cut some pool noodles into beads (from Dollar Tree).  He usually just laces all the giant beads in any order, but today I told him to only use the red ones.  Then we counted them.

We also played a hopscotch game with numbers.  He jumped on top of the numbers (large 9x12 construction paper laminated numbers I made) as we counted, then we tried the "calling out a number and he go to it" game, but we are still working on recognizing numbers.  :)  He did okay, and thought it was great fun to jump on my paper numbers.  He will catch on soon I think.

That's all we did today...well that, plus "group time" (calendar, name, address, phone number, bible verse, etc) and him coloring with dry erase markers on the easel.  He insisted. :)

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