Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wrapping up "Letter A"

Wrapping up "A" Week
I gave Jonas strips of red paper to cut into squares.  Some were big, some were little, and very few were actually "square" but he did great, and loved cutting.  Then I put glue all over the apple and he put the red squares on top, then the stem, leaf, and finally an "A."
 Proud of his project! :)
 Stamp painting with apples...

 Pre-Writing Practice Pages from  These are laminated, for re-use, and completed with a dry-erase marker.  :)

 He really enjoyed this dot page.  He used a bingo marker from Dollar Tree. Paper from
 Size sorting cards - small to large
 Matching Capital A's and Lowercase a's...
 My mom sent Jonas a package with "A" items inside that she cut out on her cricut, or stamped.  Apple, Aa, ants, "Adam", alligator, airplane, and and anchor... so sweet of her!
 A on our palm tree...we read Chica Chica Boom Boom together and when we finished our "A" study he put an A on the tree.  We will add a letter each week. :)
 "A" Alligator he assembled and I cut out... :)
 He did this independently (I told him what color to do capitals, and he did all of those, then he did all the "little" a's.
 Page from his "Comprehensive Curriculum" Book from Sam's club.
 Jonas added Apple stickers on the tree...He was supposed to cut out apples and glue, but mommy was a tad LAZY...

 Jonas looked for A's in this poem from with the dot marker from Dollar Tree.  He did awesome! :) 

More Airport Field Trip Pictures:
 Jonas and Luke watching planes take off and land. ;)
 Jonas and Emma greeting each other...
 and holding hands. :)  They sure are sweet little love birds! He also LOVES his zebra...takes it all over the place! :) (and apparently his play "drinking glass" from IKEA)
 Jonas and Luke! :) Hard to believe they are only four months apart in age...
 All the guys!
My sweet dimple man! :)  He is so sweet!  Had to give him a little shout out since Jonas got most of the attention this week on the blog! :)

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