Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good Morning!

It is a beautiful day outside, and at only 8:37 am, I've already had a shower, go me! :) You other stay at home mommas might relate to getting slow starts in the morning...I usually get busy and don't get dressed until later, but today, oh today is promising!:)

Today's to do-to go to list is very long! I have big goals for the day and we'll see where it takes Jonas and I. It takes so much longer to get things accomplished with a baby. But he is so worth my efforts! My biggest "have to do" task is going to Wolf Camera. I need to get some pictures printed for the birth announcements I am doing for Schylea. (If you order pictures from Black Oak Photography, they are NOT printed at Wolf Camera, rather a professional lab in KS. I am simply using WC today to save some $$ for these announcements). I also hope to print some pictures for scrapping. Wolf has six cent prints (3.5 x 5) on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I don't mind that size for scrapping as I can fit more per page. I am a heavy picture scrapper (I like to use as many pictures as I can). So that is the biggest goal for the day. Other than that, I'll need to look for a Valentine's gift for the hubster, hit up Walgreens, CVS, and Target, and possibly use a gift card and go out to eat with Jonas. Anyone want to meet for lunch? :D

I'm going to do one more post about cloth then finish feeding Mr. J his breakfast and get out the door! Have a blessed day!

Until later...God Bless!

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