Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Current Cloth Diaper Stash Review

So this is Jonas and his cute bum in cloth diapers. :) Isn't he precious? We are loving the switch to cloth! I so far have tried these brands. I will review them individually so you can see my thoughts.

1. Coolababy (* - one star, only because they LOOK good, not because of function) - these are the first "lot" of cloth diapers I bought. I got them in supposedly "EUC" (Excellent Used Condition) off of FSOT (For Sale or Trade) on Unfortunately now that I have tried the ropes of cloth, I think these have shot PUL (the stuff that makes the outer layer waterproof on most pocket/all in one diapers). I've had no other issues buying used, but this brand is known as the "ebay diaper" and is generally less expensive than the rest. I was able to get 24 of them for very cheap. In case you were not aware, cloth can be expensive ($20-30 per diaper). Only expensive initially though, as you don't have to keep replacing them like disposables (which we have been using on Sundays in the nursery). So I got a huge stash of these cheap, but they leak. I contacted the seller, and I tracked the post, so I know she read it, but she didn't get back to me. If I don't hear from her soon, I guess I'm stuck with the loss. I might try the dryer as some people say it can "reseal the pul". So we'll see. I'd rather just return them. :*( Stupid diapers! They were so frustrating in NC, as I was trying to "show them off" a bit, and they kept who would want to bother with cloth if they're gonna leak all the time? (Forgot to mention, these are one size snaps diapers, great colors and I'm sure new w/good PUL it would be a decent diaper to get you started. Since mine still looked brand new, I think they hold up well as far as looks go, not sure if the previous owner did something to ruin them though.)

2. Mommy's Touch (***, didn't win me over for an AIO, but I need to try a pocket in this brand to be fair)- we only have one (bought used for about $10). It is an all in one style, which is kind of nice because there are no pockets to stuff. It has a sewed in insert and a snap on doubler that we always leave on. Had no leaks with this one except overnight, so it will not be our overnight diaper. It is a one sized diaper, meaning it is supposed to last from birth (or shortly thereafter) until potty training. On my big guy it is on the biggest setting and a getting snug. I'm worried it won't fit long, but Jonas is about to walk so maybe he'll slim on down! :)

3. Happy Heiny (****)- This is a one size pocket diaper (aqua). It was my first favorite. I loved the contoured insert as opposed to the straight ones that come with other diaper brands. It fits him perfectly on the largest setting, with barely any room to grow. While this diaper is velcro and I expect it will not last like a snap diaper would, I love the ease of fastening the aplix instead of snapping. I get a better fit. So I am not anti-aplix/velcro. It is nice. I just hope it holds up for Jonas and beyond, as that would be the most cost effective way to cloth diaper (reuse w/other babies too). Had a few leaks but mainly from not changing him often enough. No stains, easy to care for. I give it four stars! :)

4. Tweedlebee/Tweedlebum - (***) Not sure of which of these two brands these adorable diapers are. I bought them because of the One has a pirate ship and the other a tractor. The inserts that came with these were cute too. They were a prefold type diaper w/flannel serged as a backing (one side flannel print, the other white prefold). Unfortunately, Jonas always soaks through the prefold, so I will be looking into another option for stuffing these bad boys. He is a super soaker, you may not have the same issues. These were the first diapers I bought that were a size (Larges). They fit nicely but will not expand. I don't particularly like how it snaps, as it seems "backwards" to me.

5. Blueberry (****) - I think this diaper is adorable. It loses a star because of how bad it "pills" on the inside layer w/washing. Doesn't look that pretty on the inside. The outside however is adorable (brown w/blue polka dots). The lady I purchased this from didn't send Blueberry brand inserts with it, so I have no idea how they truly hold up. I personally like the diaper overall, but it fits Jonas on the largest setting (it is a one size) pretty snugly. Works for now, and will for Jonas' little bro or sis one day.

6. Kawaii (****) The only diapers I have purchased new (got 12 on ebay for less than $100, shipping included). I have some minky, 2 overnight, and one regular velcro one. She seems to make several different styles. Minky with snaps, minky with square velcro (these have the laundry tabs), overnight/heavy duty (no pun intended?) w/snaps--our current overnight dipe, and regular with round velcro. Two complaints: one came with a broken snap, so I have to deal w/returning it. The other complaint is the square velcro, while I like the look better and the laundry tab, it seems a bit short. I can barely get a good "stick" on my chunky man, while the round tab velcro works wonderfully (but has no laundry tabs). So, these would have gotten five stars, but the velcro issue makes them only get four! I totally recommend these diapers, each comes with two super great inserts (though they are all different, guess they all vary by who makes them for April?) and are super inexpensive! I'll be posting pics of Jonas' animal print bum soon enough! :)

7. FuzziBunz - we haven't used these yet. I ordered them from FSOT when I didn't realize about the Coolababy's PUL and thought it was because they were too small. So a mama on diaperswappers sold me these XL ones (usually special order). I am kind of disappointed in the shape they are in (they are well loved apparently). I am not a fan of the snaps on them (ugly) so if FB still look like this, I wouldn't purchase any more of them. By the way, they are gigantic. I hope we don't need to use them. I think they'd fit a five year old. :( Duh Meredith! I asked the lady about it because the weight on the FB website said 40 lbs plus, and Jonas is only 30, but she insisted that if the one size were tight that this was the next size...wrong, should have gotten larges! Live and learn! ;) They are there if we need them though! All gigantic six of them!

8. I have a freebie diaper coming from a new company, I'll review it for you after I get it. :)

I really plan on getting a few BumGenius, Flips, gDiapers, and a few others as I can. Then I'll let you know my favs. ;) I am slowly building a stash! It is very cute! Pray I can either get a refund for those coolababy diapers or that I can get them to work! :) More to come on this topic later for sure! Gotta go!


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  1. im looking into getting the flip and gro baby. the grobaby are suppose to be the best out of the econobum, flip, gro baby category.
    the happy heinys are the largest diaper, they fit my oldest son wonderfully when he was 2 potty training. and the have lasted 2 children with no problems!
    the g diapers ive heard are not soo soft against the skin. if youre gonna go the cover prefold route try one of each on the econobum, which is like 9.95 for one os cover and one prefold, flip is like 16.95 for a os cover and stay dry insert, and grobabys are 24.95 for os cover and i think 2 snap inserts maybe one i cant remember. anyways ill be getting my flip and grobabys within the next few weeks, and ill let you know!