Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Blog Revamp

So I suppose this in a way is the "first day of the rest of my blog"... he he he! I totally wanted to revamp this blog. As I (rambled) mentioned in the "about me" section, this blog has had many purposes. Thank you to my followers for staying with me, though I've given you nothing to read or look forward to in a LONG time. I actually deleted some of my blog posts that were long posts of pictures just to help your browsers load faster. I realize some of you may have dial-up. I will post pictures, but not long strings of them as before...if you want to see a bunch of pictures, add us on facebook. :)

So the evolution begins (this would be an appropriate type of evolution)...from a blog strictly about craftings, to a blog for my design company, and finally to a more personal blog of sorts. I hope to keep this up better, and to not bore you! :)

I suppose I credit my inspiration to a new blog style to a few folks. ClassiclyAmber for one never ceases to inspire me with her homesteading/crafting/mothering/creative posts on her blog. Check her out, she is super cool... http://classiclyamber.com/ She was super helpful in my transition to cloth diapering too! Tell her I sent you her way! Don't forget to check out her etsy shop while you're there.

Another credit is due to many "friends" on diaperswappers.com. I have many times gotten wrapped up in other mom's blogs after clicking signature links in different forums (my favorites are the FSOT--buying used, diaper chatter Q&A--lots of good info here, and the thrifty families forum--inspirational!) I say that, and then note, that there are many liberal moms on there, so beware. Some I have little in common with (besides cloth diapering) but they have grown to be very helpful members of my life...and I'm learning a lot. I love some of their blogs...even if some people (liberal or not) are weirdos! Others those, I'd love to be more like! :)

A last credit (for now) goes to Collin at www.hip2save.com. She gives great "heads ups" about how to use (and stack)coupons. Links to printable coupons, sales, freebies and more! She is an inspiration. I am trying really hard to only buy things we use, even if the things we don't are cheap (ie, Not just buying them because I have a coupon). She makes this very difficult w/all those great deals. :) She is also my inspiration for my new coupon organization...you'll make fun of me for sure so I'll wait to share about it until another day.

Well, today was spent (unpacking a bit--we are in an endless cycle of packing and unpacking until this house sells!) working on editing pictures, laundry, playing with my chubster, reading (currently "Take Two" by Karen Kingsbury), playing Mario Bros a bit on the Wii, ordering photos online from my lab, paying bills (ugh) and FINALLY ordering some wet bags. Much needed wet bags! I also started working on some birth announcements for my friend Schylea (pronounced Chalet in case you wondered) and her new baby girl Emree. There's a sneak peek of her newborn session on facebook if you're a friend or fan.

I was pretty bummed that the Library was out of Dave Ramsey's book that I've been wanting to read. So instead of getting that and "Bringing Up Boys" by Dr. Dobson like I wanted, I got "Believing God" by Beth Moore, "Screwtape Letters" by CS Lewis--not sure about this one, "Parent Talk" by Kevin Leman (one of my favs), "The New Strong-willed Child" by Dr. Dobson (I read today that he and his wife will be retiring from Focus on the Family, FYI), Photoshop Elements/Lighting Techniques, and the "Take Two" book that I alredy mentioned. Don't think I'll get them all done before they are due in 2 weeks, but I am 1/4 of the way through the first one, so there is hope. Finished "Divine" by Kingbury late last night (we stayed up too late because we took an afternoon nap, oops!). One of my "resolutions" was to read/learn more. Especially since I have little interaction w/adults. I always want to keep learning new things.

NEW CLOTH! :) I got new cloth in the mail when I got home from NC last week. We've used it for almost a week now, and only had one leak! This is huge for my super soaker chunky boy! ;0 The leak occurred on the way to Savannah, and it was my fault for not changing him at a stop...I made him go the whole ride, and gave him juice/milk. Ooopsy! Live and learn! Anywho, they are Kawaii brand, and while I think the sudden interest in the company might have overloaded April, the owner, I am very pleased with our purchase. They fit a bit looser than the other one size (meaning, they should fit 8lbs to 35 lbs, birth to potty training) pockets we have. All are worn as big as they go, but these Kawaii give him more room. Did I mention they are adorable, minky prints? See the website if you're interested, www.luvyourbaby.com. IT is a very terrible website, but you'll see the product. Free shipping on orders of 10 or more. I got mine off ebay, 12 for less than $100. Search "Snazzy cloth diapers" to find the listings. My personal favs are the cow print and the leopard prints. :D I hope to talk Jon into ordering some more of the nighttime and regular type (non-minky) w/our tax return (if we get one this year, fingers crossed, on our knees praying!).

Okay, I'll update more later. This is probably information overload for one night. Look forward to some more ramblings coming soon!

Until then...God Bless!

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