Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bridesmaid Blues

I went with my friend Addie (the bride) tonight to look for a bridesmaids dress for her wedding (with Patti, a really sweet friend of Addie's who is also a bridesmaid...and size 2). It was fun hanging with the girls, but when it came time to try on the oh man did I look HORRIBLE! I am sooo freaking fat! :( Of course Patti looked lovely in the size 4 gown she tried on (and had to hold so it wouldn't fall off!). The dress is really pretty on her, and on the "models" in the pictures. But on white, overweight, flabby old me, horrible. The thing is, David's Bridal doesn't have the shade of aqua that Addie and Brad want to use, so we will be going elsewhere for a dress (maybe even black) and for hopefully better service. (shame on you David's Bridal employees!) Anywho, that is my rant for the night...I need to lose some poundage so I won't look so horrific standing by Addie! Problem? I love food and hate exercise. :( I guess I need to work on my self! Either that, or get a false sense of self confidence, right? :P Looking forward to more dress hunting with Addie dear!

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