Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Comfy Rumps

I got my free "sample" diaper (only paid for shipping, thanks Trey!) of an up and coming favorite cloth diaper, COMFY RUMPS today. I'll wash it tomorrow w/ a load and try it out asap, then get back to ya. My initial impression is they are well constructed.

Until my actual usage review, I'll satisfy some of your "craving" to know about this newish diaper with a quick overview. Keep in mind that I am being pretty picky here (trying to give you a complete picture) so some things are not necessarily "deal breakers" for the company or the product, just things I took notice of.

It seems to run about the same size as my Blueberry diaper, but smaller than my Kawaii. (I'll measure exactly before a full review of it w/pics).

Seems to have good construction, nice snaps. The inner is not microfiber (terry) like everyone worried. The inserts are, they feel like the Kawaii ones, pretty thick (which I am thinking I'll love). My test for microfiber is to run my fingers along it, microfiber seems to "catch" on my skin, but the inner of this diaper is very soft, does not catch my skin like the insert does. YAY! That being said, the seams (how the edges were finished off) on the inserts (again, this is being uber picky since I've seen much worse inserts) seemed to not be that nice at one spot. You can see a spot where the machine started and stopped on the edge of the insert. Haven't noticed that on any of my other inserts. I'm sure they will work perfectly fine though. This is merely cosmetic, and it is on the inside of the pocket for goodness sake. Just letting you know the details.

The closure is only a single row of snaps (unlike many snap diapers with two closure snaps per side), so you can't adjust the waist and leg openings separately, so that is a negative factor, but in my case, I really haven't had much need for that anyway. You folks with skinny legged babies might want to consider this aspect.

They come in three colors, pink, white and baby blue. I'm interested to see if they'll come out with more gender neutral colors or prints. They are very inexpensive, so that may factor into the lack of options.

Overall, it seems like a nice diaper and it comes with two inserts (a plus in my book!). I'll update my blog and ds with a full review and pics after I've tested it at least once. Today has been a bad day for leaks...super soaker man has wet through three times. And no, I haven't made him wait unrealistic amounts of time, so we're going to cut back on juice tonight!

God bless!

Thanks again Trey, looking forward to trying this out. Great so far!

More to come soon! :) Stay tuned!

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