Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cloth Diaper Wish List

I do a lot of thinking about cloth diapers...and even more research! :) I am admittedly pretty addicted to the www.diaperswappers.com forums, mainly the diaper Q&A, and the "Extra Fluffy" where moms show off and discuss cloth diapering. I still visit the FSOT, but think now I'll probably buy a few ***brand new*** things for my Jonas! :) There are so many things that I'd like to try, a few things I won't try, and a few that are just out of my price range. I decided to blog about my wish list today. Feel free to share your thoughts on the products I'd like to try if you have a review of them.

1. BumGenius 3.0 (with velcro) - I hear the velcro doesn't last, but I have a source that can replace it for me if need be, and I love the ease of it. My hands hurt sometimes (eczema) so snapping the snaps sometimes hurts! So while we have some of both, and I will continue to buy both, I really don't mind the aplix closures. :) So, that being said, this was the first diaper that caught my eye, the one I thought my OCD nature would buy a complete stash out of (so they'd all match). Unfortuntely, I still don't own one! I decided I like having a varied stash, the inserts are interchangeable (though I tend to put them in the ones they came with). I like the variety. So, my next purchase will most likely be a BumGenius 3.0...after which, if I like it, I'd like to have maybe 6 in varied colors. Especially the green "ribbit" one!

2. Organic One Size BumGenius - These are an all-in-one I think will be good for traveling. They are pricey, but they have great reviews. I like that they are all-natural too! :) So after trying one out, I'd love to have at least six in my stash, for nursery at church, babysitters, and just for ease while out shopping. Hopefully I'll get a few of these really soon! :) The only cons I've heard are that they run small, which probably won't be a problem as Jonas seems to be tapering off in weight gain, and that they take forever to dry. Which also isn't a problem since we have a large stash to work with.

3. Flips - also made by the BumGenius company, this product is essentially a cover you put an insert into (not a pocket, just two small pockets to hold it in place). Supposedly you can just wipe out the cover, put a new insert in and go. Reuse the same cover until a BM. They offer stay dry (most interested in), organic, and disposable/maybe flushable? I would think this a great "out on the town" option (if they don't leak) so you could essentially pack one extra cover and multiple inserts and be good all day! Less crowding the diaper bag. I would definitely want to buy 1-2 of these to try before getting extras as they have had mixed reviews. People either love them or hate them. How about you?

4. GDiapers - much like the Flip described above. Their disposable insert is flushable or compostable (though most reviews say it bunches). I'd like to try this diaper, but they are pricey so I'd either buy this used or stick with the orange and white cheaper versions. The others are cute, but wowza the price! I'd like 2 vanilla ones... :D

5. Wool Soakers and Longies - Debating on buying a pattern, buying yarn and taking it to Gram...I should learn to knit! This system is one I'd like to see in action. Apparently you treat the wool with lanolin, and then it acts as a cover over a prefold or a fitted diaper (which I don't have!). They say (not sure who they is) you can reuse the pants/soakers and it is sanitary. I am thinking this would be good around the house or with a new baby. I have 6 organic Bummis prefold diapers now, so I might be buying a few snappis to try out. I do need to read up more on prefolds, as I will probably do that more for the next Black baby until she/he fits into Jonas' hand me down pockets. Wool is so adorable, and they say it isn't scratchy (though I don't understand how it wouldn't be). So it is something I'd love to try, but is out of my price range...maybe I should try fleece out instead, its more affordable!

6. Prefolds - I'd like some different brands to try, but definitely need some inspiration for what brands to buy. I know they say the ole Gerber ones you can buy locally are best to be left for burp cloths, so I am hoping to figure out the right brands soon. Prefolds are very affordable, and can also be used as inserts in pocket diapers, or in the cover type diapers mentioned above (Flips, gDiapers). That being said, I have 6 Bummis organic and will be trying it with a Bummis Super Whisper Wrap (same concept as Flip I think). I bought it locally at Kid2Kid a consignment store. I was elated to find them locally so they were an impulse by (along with the wet bag I dislike--PlanetWise ones coming soon!).

7. Kawaii - not sure why I saved this until last, as these will most likely be my next purchase. I am so loving my Kawaii diapers I got two weeks ago. I am still waiting on one to be returned to me (broken snap on arrival). These diapers are great. The only ones I have that I purchased new (except the Bummis mentioned above). They were pretty inexpensive too (see www.luvmybaby.com for more info, terrible website, but good products! Be careful to look at closures because out of my 12, there were 4 different styles of pocket openings/closure combos). My "must haves" are 4 more nighttime diapers, I'll probably get one more white animal print, one more green animal print, and two of the green velcro ones so I'll have two of each type. Then, I'll buy 4 white regular velcro (or heavy duty velcro, whichever) because I need white to wear under light colored pants. Other that that, I'd like to get one each of the other colors (not the dark green since I already have it), another leopard print minky (love it!), another cow print minky (adorable!), and maybe another blue w/white dots. Considering getting a white w/pink hearts minky one (or two) to save for a girl... why not, right? Jon said Jonas could wear pink dipes, after all, he wears pink boxers. LOL!

So there you have it! My wish list...feel free to buy them for Jonas...ha!! His birthday is coming up you know! :D

On a side note, I bought some disposable liners (they look like a longer, skinnier dryer sheet almost) that you lay in the pocket or AIO diaper and it helps get the poo off easily. It helps if just slide off into the toilet. They are great. It was about $6 for 100 of them. If you know your child's poo schedule these could really last a long time. I don't so I've been using them every time, except at night. He rarely poos at night. So just thought I'd share, you might like to try those too...they come on a roll like toilet paper. If you live locally, you can buy them at Kid2Kid, if not, online stores have them. The brand I bought is Bummis since that is about all they carry at Kid2Kid. What do you think about them?

After I move, I might be interested in a diaper sprayer. The RV has one (since there is little water pressure there) and it is super nice for really cleaning those nasties out! :)

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