Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What inspires you?

Inspiration comes in many forms.  For some it comes in books, and others from people.  It can be from a preacher, the Bible, magazines, a song, a personal trainer, a friend, a husband or wife, or even a movie.  Inspiration is all around us. 

A preview for a Berenstain Bears movie came on before an old VHS tape we popped in for Jonas to watch at his grandparents house this weekend.  I was reminded of one of my favorite childhood books.  I mentioned about it to Jonathan and why I liked it and he cracked up laughing.  One of my favorite books, and by far my favorite Berenstain Bears book, was "The Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room."  In the book Mama Bear makes them clean up their messy room.  They get various boxes and sort the junk.  They label the boxes and stack them neatly in the closet.  Their dad builds them a toy box and peg board to hang other items.  I can recall getting motivated to clean out my closet many times after reading that book. 

Now anyone who has been to my house and opened my cabinet door, will know that I like things neatly and in place.  Well yesterday, after finding that favorite book on my mother-in-laws book shelf (She gave it to me too!) and re-reading it, and seeing that famous back page picture of that perfectly organized closet, I realized....

That book must have been my organization inspiration!  Ha ha!  My pantry looks a lot like the Bear's closet...except instead of colorful boxes, my stuff is in clear Tupperware with blue lids, but it is stacked neatly and labeled just the same! :D  How funny to realize!

Now I get inspiration from all over, but sometimes it comes from some unexpected places! :D

Some other things that inspire me:
*Magazines (I usually find decorating or cooking inspiration here)
*Cricut Messagboards (if you like crafting/making cards etc)
* (for finding deals!)
*Proverbs 31 (to be a Godly Wife and mother)
* (very talented crafty friend!)
* (many different areas of inspiration here!  Under her inspiration, I started using cloth diapers, made my own laundry soap, and even found the love of using a keeps going though!)
* (anything I need to know about cloth to fix errors...all sorts of things, even living green, living thrifty, and other thigns!)
*Facebook - this may sound funny, but there are lots of times that verses or quotes are very inspiring.  Other times things that others are doing inspire me ( is one thing I found out about via facebook and a friend!)  Sometimes it is photo inspiration.

There are many more,  but these are the ones that I can think of right now!  It is still early! :D

What inspires you?  I'd love to know...and find more inspiration!


  1. Great things, Meredith...I enjoy reading your blog! Have a good day! ;)

  2. Oh my gracious, thanks, girlie! I zipped over here after seeing you entering my giveaway and wanted to chime in...

    I have so many places that I pull inspiration from, including several of the places you've mentioned. I agree with you about FB - I am so inspired by several different friends on there who always have encouraging status updates or Bible verses in there. It helps keep things in perspective, doesn't it? I have lots of fav blogs that I drop in on - on a regular basis because they always have something inspiring going on [whether it's for faith, family or creativity].

    Also, this is so cool - but your background here is the exact same print that was on some scrapbook paper that I'm using for a lil' project right now. I also paired it up with pink! Great minds, girlie!!

  3. Thanks for chiming in! :D Just realized that I never left separate comments for the blog giveaway so if I win it will truly be a miracle! LOL! Oh well, for the record I follow your blog! :D