Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Today is a sick day...

So I've had a fever for a few hours.  It broke and then reappeared... so needless to mention, things have been achy, chilly, and uncomfortable for me.  Jon "had" to go pick up a grill today, so that left me alone with Jonas for five hours.  It completely exhausted me and made me realize how hard this move is really going to be.  A new town, trying to make new friends, not knowing where I'm going, and having no one to call if I need help.  Yikes.  Praying the Lord gives me strength to get through this trial of sickness.  Claiming, "He won't bring you to it, if He can't bring you through it."  :D

On a fluffier note, I was able to snag some Cottonbabies "Seconds".  They are flips, I got one hot pink (so that if/when I have a girl, I'll at least have one pink diaper, plus Jon said Jonas could wear pink since he wears pink  The other is blue.  I heard they are soon to discontinue the darker/brighter colors, so I snagged them up for cheaper!  To my delight, I can't find anything wrong or different about them...well except that there is and X on the tag indicating it is a second.  So SCORE! :D  2 new diapers at an over $10 discount!   Oh, did I mention they are organic?  I don't have anything organic except the BumGenius Organic AIO, and I love it, so I am hoping I love these too, if not, I have extra stay dry inserts to use.  I highly suggest keeping an eye out for deals such as these on

I am still waiting on my Kookabum diapers.  I searched my inbox/spam folders and finally found a response from a few days ago.  Mostly about how they'd keep looking for one of the fabrics that I originally ordered, but found out three weeks later they were out of stock!  So frustrating!  I emailed again asking when they'd ship.   I'll let you know when I get them....and they BETTER be AWESOME diapers!  Hopefully they'll throw in a freebie for me to giveaway to a reader!

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  1. Wow, you have posted so much information about many different cloth diapers! I will definately be asking you which ones are the best when I have a sweet baby b/c I want to use cloth diapers! Thanks for all the info.!