Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Currently I have 24 Coolababy Diapers, clean and ready to be sold with 23 inserts.  For some reason, I was one insert short when I bought this rainbow of diapers.  At first I had horrible leaking issues with these, now, not so much.  Just every now and then I'd have a leak.  I think I "fixed" them when I dried them in the dryer to reseal the PUL (waterproof material).  But I still don't trust them, you know?  Like I don't stand behind them, and I just don't reach for them. Even though they are very pretty LOOKING.  The colors are vibrant, and they have very little pilling or staining (if any at all it would sun out).  They are ready to be sold, just need some motivation to take pics of all of them and list them.  I paid $90 for them, and have no idea what to sell them for.  Any ideas?  Anyone got a use for these?  My stash has grown so much that I just don't reach for them.

Also for sale or trade:
1.  Some various inserts sent to me over time...will give them to ya with purchase of other diapers.
2.  Cow print Happy Heiny Diapers (2) - I bought them in so called EUC, but I wouldn't label them quite like that, the velcro doesn't stick well to the washing tabs, but they work great on Jonas.  No memory of leaks, and they stay fastened when worn.  I'd label as GUC.  Selling them for $8 each ppd.
3.  Leopard Print Minky Kawaii $10 ppd - in EUC, but the velcro tabs are a bit to short for my fattie boy! :D  It "sticks" but comes undone easily on him.  It needs more overlap on a thinner child I believe.  He wore it a few times, it is sooo cute!

I'm sure I'll add more to this list later.

Let me know if you want or need any of this!
~ Meredith

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