Thursday, April 29, 2010

In Memory of baby River Lee...

River Lee Drake never had the chance to breathe on earth, but did have the chance to change his parents lives forever.  This post is dedicated to his memory.  He was never met by anyone in our family, only felt inside his mother.  My step-uncle (long story, possibly [[probably not]] for another time) is married to Jessica, and they have two boys, Aiden and Wyatt.  Today at her 4 1/2 month appointment they were  supposed to find out what they were having [[a boy]] but instead found out that he was no longer living.  What a sad, heart wrenching day for them.  I can't imagine the pain they must be feeling.  I looked at Jonas this afternoon, and felt his hand tightly grasp mine as we walked through the yard, and thought, "Thank you God for this precious gift of life You have given me."  My heart breaks over this little one that Jessica and Fairley will never meet.  I am proud of the decision they made.

I am pro life all the way.  I view life as a gift, and life beginning at conception.  I realize there are many circumstances surrounding families when they face losing a child, and I also realize that not everyone is given the option that Fairley and Jessica were given.  I know it was their decision, I am just stating that I stand behind what they decided to do.  Jessica will be induced tomorrow to deliver her one pound baby boy.  The hospital offered to "dispose" of the body if they chose to.  Jessica and Fairley couldn't go through with that.  Jessica said, "No baby of mine is being thrown into the garbage."  It was an expensive choice, paying for a funeral, casket, and burial plot, but the choice, I believe is pro-life.  A pro-life viewpoint I believe views this unborn baby as a HUMAN, BABY, no less important than one born still born at full term.  Do they dispose of those babies too?  I sure hope not!  So while, personal and intimate, and a very private time for them, I think their choice will give the most closure and honor River in a way that every person deserves.  I applaud them for their choice.  It is a tangible way of remembering their son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin, etc.  I am proud to know them and I pray that God blesses them financially, emotionally, and if they desire it, with another healthy baby.

That being said, I would be amiss to not mention the disdain I feel toward the idea of "disposing" a human baby.  I have no idea where the inclination came that a person would be able to take a baby, who is big enough to be deliverable, and look exactly like a full term counterpart, and could callusly put him or her into the garbage???  Oh how horrible the thought!  I feel sorry for those of you in the medical industry who have to carry out that task despite your better judgment.  I hope there is a way to opt out of it!  And for those of you who think there is nothing wrong with it, I ask, if your baby were stillborn, would you throw it away and "dispose" of it??? I cannot imagine so, but then again, I cannot imagine living with the guilt that would come with an abortion.  So much in this life is unimaginable, and I pray that God gives the wisdom to navigate through murky decisions such as these!  May He prick the hearts of those who choose against life.  :(

I will be praying tomorrow, and urge you to as well, for Jessica as she as induced to deliver her stillborn son.  The doctors say it could take up to 12 hours, and it will be very hard for their entire family.  Praying that God makes it go quickly, smoothly, and that the void will be filled with love from family, friends, and God above.  Praying for you Drake family!

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  1. What a sad situation and I feel for them deeply! I am sending Thoughts & Prayers to the Drake Family as they go through with my eyes...the only choice they could! God Bless them!