Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More Diaper Chatter...

Flips by Cottonbabies...

Got a Stay Dry Day Pack - included two covers (I got Ribbit, I love green!) and six stay dry inserts.

I have had only one leak with these covers!!!  And it was when Jonas had loose stool and it was with the disposable inserts!  I love these diapers.  They are super reliable, and if not too messy of a diaper (just wet) you can just change out the insert and reuse the cover (I rarely do this even when I can though, I like a completely fresh diaper, but it isn't necessary and saves room in diaperbags!).  They are the trimmest of all of my cloth.  They dry super fast.  They are super absorbant!  :D  I FLIP for Flips!  I will be buying more of them later.  Stock of them is out at most online stores because of the recent Cottonbabies promotion.

Even though I completely love Flips, I hate the disposable inserts.  They don't work for me.  I got a pack free with my order, but they will be sold or traded soon.  I hate them.  Don't waste your money!  The gDiaper disposables are much better, and could be used in the Flips.

Just so you know how versatile these soft, comfy cloth diapers are, you can even use them over a prefold or flat or fitted!  But they will probably be the most trim (important for under clothes) with their own wonderful inserts!  Make sure you put the insert the right side up as microfiber (the bottom side) is irritating to babies bums!  This is why you can't use an insert out of your pocket diapers in the Flip unless you figure out some sort of "sock" or liner.

Hope this info was helpful to you!  I'll add pictures as soon as I can!

I heart Flips!!  They are the best, especially for a beginner cd user!  AND they are sooo fast to prep for wear, way faster for me than pocket diapers.

Until Later!

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