Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Overdue Update...

I am officially a Savannah resident.  No, I don't have a house, and no, our Evans home hasn't sold either.  Since we felt God led us here, we wanted to hurry up and begin our full time ministry here.  So, we packed up what we could and moved into the church.  A largeish Sunday school room with adjoining bathroom is now where we call home.  It is working out nicely, and though not ideal long term, is working out for us for now.  :D

**On a side note, our realtor informed us today that an offer might come through for us tonight.  We are praying earnestly that it is true, that it is a good one, and that we can get it sold soon!

Besides from the busyness of the move, we have been more active at church, projects around here, and the logistical aspects to living in a church.  It takes us a bit longer to do laundry since we have to do it at someone else's house.  I have been less "internet active" here because we have satellite internet.  AKA SLOW INTERNET.  It makes you not even want to get online... ;(

Anywho, we are loving living here and glad that Jonathan is full time doing what God called him to do.  I'm hoping to devote more time to blogging when I get time.  Until then, keep searching out those deals and using cloth.  I've got so much to share, got so much new cloth that I'm loving and I know you'll be excited to read about it! :D Right?

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