Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The boy who stole my firstborn.

I love this little man!!! 
:)  He has gotten in the habit of waking throughout the ***Lord Willing*** I am going to let him cry it out tonight.  It's weird, he's very "babywise" in the fact that I can lay him down and he'll go right to sleep, but for some reason (maybe with all this travel), he wakes several times throughout the night, needs me to rock him for a few seconds (literally a minute or two tops) the I lay him back down.  But is has to stop.  He already woke up once.  :(  We'll see how it goes. 

By the way, I am not torturing him, he needs his sleep.  And so does his momma.  He put himself back to sleep quickly this first "wake" so hopefully the rest of the night will follow suit.  :)

I love him dearly!  Now please sleep my darling! :D  This picture was taken a few days ago...he cracked me up because he got in the basket by himself.  How?  I have no idea, I found him like this.  You know me, always have a camera handy! :)  Even when your candy jar is about to crash to the ground! :)  Maybe I'll share that story  Goodnight!

Isn't my one year old precious???

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