Monday, March 8, 2010

Fixin' the Floor...

When we moved into our townhouse almost 4 years ago, everything was brand spankin' new! :)  It was super clean, and sparkly white!  It wasn't long before I realized that the "builder basic" white linoleum in the kitchen was my least favorite aspect of our ever shrinking house (we filled it up faster than we ever thought we would...hopefully the next house will have more square feet).  Shortly after moving in we covered that awful white floor with an inexpensive fix, peel and stick textured neutral tiles.  They are lovely, and at first, some of our friends didn't know it was peel and stick.  It was great!  And that white floor, that I constantly cleaned (and even cried over it once or twice because it would be dirty immediately after cleanin' it!) was gone forever! :) 

Well a year or so later, some of the tiles shifted, don't know how or why, but some gaps occurred.  So when you swept (or when I swept), trash would get stuck in the crack.  It was uneven and ugly.  And now two different prospective buyers have given feedback about loving our house and not liking the kitchen floor.  We (and our realtor) thought something so small could be mentioned in the contract (duh!) and concessions could be made for replacement...I mean, if we put down wood, we'd limit our interest, and the same with laminate or tile or whatever we put down!  It is a very personal decision, so instead of wasting lots of $$ putting something we liked down, we thought we'd give a "flooring allowance" or something.  But since that seems to be a hurdle for some buyers, Jonathan decided to try and fix the shifting floor.  So he went to Lowe's, bought some glue and some extra floor tiles that match, and he and his dad repaired the cracks in the floor.  It looks good as new, so now hopefully we are more buyer ready! :) 

Our house is competetively priced, so we are hoping the Lord will send a buyer our way soon and sell this house so we can move into a nice little house in Savannah, and out of the church lickedy split!  But if He wants us to wait just a little bit longer, He must have a reason for it and we're just gonna be patient.  After all, all these "temporary homes" will make some great scrapbook pages and memories to tell our kiddos about... "...when we were young we lived in an RV behind the church on weekends for five months..."  :)

Something Pastor mentioned at church Sunday (it was a quote by Spurgeon I think...), "A little faith will get your soul to heaven, but a lot of faith will bring heaven to your soul."  I want heaven in my soul!

Goodnight all!

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  1. charity richardsonMarch 8, 2010 at 11:21 PM

    love your "revamp"...your statements to the --->> are great. it's so easy to get caught up with our "hobbies", "interests", and "loves" that we lose focus of what we truly love. i am excited for you that you get to be a stay-at-home-mommy, and i hope the Lord will bless you and your family.

    love ya,