Monday, March 8, 2010

Special Delivery!!

The first of Jonas's birthday diapers have arrived.  UPS delivered a box from this afternoon (after I had already washed the diapers!).  I was super excited to open my first BumGenius purchases!

I got:

-One 3.0 Clementine/Light Orange (this is the "standard" one size pocket diaper that comes with a snap down adjustable insert and a newborn insert/doubler)

-One Flip Day Pack in Ribbit/Dark Green
     This included two green covers and six stay dry inserts (that I plan on using with gDiapers too!)
This system is NOT a pocket, but rather a cover that has two flaps, one in front, one in back that hold in insert (I'll let you know how it works!).  The insert is essentially right against the skin, so I don't recommend using a microfiber insert in these w/out some kind of liner or "sock".  These inserts have markings for folding down for optimum fit.  I look forward to trying these out.  They are super easy to "stuff".  In fact another perk of this system (unless you really want a completely NEW diaper at each change, which isn't necessary) is that if it isn't soiled on the edges of the cover (like if it is only a pee diaper, or if it all stays on the insert) you can just swap out the inserts and reuse the cover.  Even if the poo gets on the cover it is still not supposed to leak.  I'm sure I'll find out if this is true or not.

     My biggest concern is bunching.  I wonder if I'll have issues with the insert bunching up, especially in front.  ???  You can also use prefold diapers or flats in this cover.  It is really unique and has super reviews.  I will be giving my review after Jonas uses it a few times.

Cottonbabies (the creator of the BumGenius line) is a great website and they had fast shipping, it was free too, since I purchased so much.  Also w/ any $50 order, you get a free (for now anyway) pack of Flip disposable inserts.  I am not much for doing the disposable thing, but I hear it is great for vacation, so I'm saving mine for such instances.  Why use disposable inserts and not just disposable diapers you ask?

Here is some info I found online of the benefit:

     "Unlike conventional disposable diapers, these inserts do not contain plastic, meaning they can, in theory, biodegrade in about 50 to 150 days rather than 500 years. Since most landfills are designed to prevent materials from biodegrading, many disposable inserts also offer the options of flushing the inserts in a toilet or composting wet inserts at home. (Soiled inserts should not be composted, due to the potential contamination from human waste. Customers who are interested in flushing inserts should follow the manufacturer’s directions carefully for best results.)"
Initially, my thoughts about the 3.0 are are that the inner lining is not as soft as on the Kawaii.  I am pretty shocked.  The lining is really like the ComfyRump diaper that I don't really like.  The snaps seem good though, and they are cute.  They look smaller than the Kawaii, which isn't necessarily a pro or con except that for us, we need all the wiggle room we can get.  The colors of these diapers are delish, and I'd love to have a sampling of them all.  Lets see how they work first and then I'll decide if my stash "needs" more.  I'd love to be able to recommend this easy system to other mamas!  Check back for my honest opinion in a few days!  I'd love to hear your thoughts as well!

On a side note, I found out my Kawaii order is essentially on backorder.  I was bummed to find out that after I paid for my order, the items I want are not in stock.  April expects them the 12th or 13th (they are coming from China I think!) and if nothing causes delays, she'll ship on the 14th.  Since she is in Canada, it takes at least a week to get them to me.  By that time, we'll be full time in Savannah, so maybe I should contact her and change my shipping address, huh?  :)  Glad I thought of that!

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