Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kookabums/Kookabear Kids

Great style, but so far, poor customer service.  I ordered as part of a $10 sale they had, a few weeks back.  After paying, I got an email saying they would be shipped in four weeks.  FOUR WEEKS!  That should be on the website somewhere, dont you think?  Just a tiny little asterick that says, *Diapers will ship in four weeks from time of payment received.  There wasn't one!  Goodness!  But the diapers are adorable, the prints are great, and very non-traditional...do they work?  I don't know.  Will I ever know?  I sure hope so!!

Jonas's bum will look super adorable in them (and he might go w/out clothes in them this summer!).  But they still haven't shipped, and I just got an email saying they are out of one of the prints I ordered.  I ordered almost 4 weeks ago!  Wowsa! So I had to pick another print.  Did I mention, she already sent me delivery confirmation?  And they haven't shipped?  I got a DC email form USPS on April 8th.  Weird!  So, not sure if I'll be able to recommend them to you or not!  A friend got hers and isn't that impressed, so we'll see.  All this waiting will hopefully pay off better than I'm expecting!  Until later (when hopefully I get my $40 worth of diapers finally!), when I actually review the diaper, be leary of this site!  So far I DO NOT recommend them!   Maybe they'll get it together soon, she is a SAHM with four kids.  I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised...as always, I'll let you know!


  1. Did you receive them yet? Curious what you think.

  2. I got the AI2's that I ordered, but one fabric choice (after 4 weeks or more of waiting) had to be substituted. It was my fav fabric too. :( I wasn't too impressed with the workmanship, different sizes, crooked stitches, and more problems to mention. I will say, Melinda has been super sweet since I contacted her about my displeasure and has at least via email done all she can to make it right. She offered a refund or a new product, her AIO that is all organic/natural. I am hoping to love these. She even let me keep the AI2's, which have had a 50/50 success rate. Not nap or car ride worthy, but for an hour or so they're okay, and they are ADORABLE! I'll post a full review when I get the AIO's. Can't wait! :D

  3. I too have had issues as well. I ordered the starter pack. After e=being told things would be shipped one day and not getting them a week later and me following up for a status and being told something came up and they they will ship the next day and then again the same thing happening just makes me wonder how honest the communication has been. Needless to say I only heard from them when I initiated the contact to follow up on my order. It has been at least a month and I have part of my order...still not the whole deal. I love the prints. But I am leery they will work well for my daughter. I am waiting for my entire shipment so I can prep them all together. I am bit disappointed as I Love to support WAHM's and small business enterpernuers but I will say I just placed a $300 order at another site for some name brand cloth diapers because I have waited long enough to get started on cloth diapering full time.

  4. I found your site after googling them.

    I opened a paypal dispute and they haven't even responded. I think I'm escalating to a claim now.

  5. My order took almost 2 months to get to me (in Canada) and when it arrived there were pieces missing that I paid for, and several wrong prints, and not even as many diapers as I ordered!

    Melinda was very fast with customer service before problems arose, but afterward she became much more difficult to reach. Eventually she said she would fix it, but there has been no new product sent out and no refund.

    On top of that the prints are super cute, but the workmanship was poor. They all leak, some of the snaps don't work properly and I had an elastic give out after the first wash. Not impressed.