Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Comfy Rumps Review

So, I got a **FREE** sample diaper from Comfy Rumps, a new line of diapers on the market. I gave initial thoughts in a previous post, but now it has been used and washed three times.

After trying it, I would give this diaper ** out of ***** stars.

This is a comparison of the Comfy rumps beside Happy Heiny's (left), Comfy Rump (center), and a Kawaii (right). You can see they are comparable, the Kawaii is definitely more roomy. This might be a perk if you have a smaller baby.

Opened up:

Pretty Trim diaper

Snaps are good quality

Elastic is tight

Inserts are the best part of these diapers - one insert absorbed 8 oz of water in a test that I did. The diaper comes with two microfiber ones, much like the Kawaii but with a little less quality stitching. Overall the inserts are great!

Price - super affordable option for cloth diapering!

Added absorbency - you can stuff until you get as much as you need, comes with 2 inserts, but could fit more (but adds bulk).

Jonas has to wear it all the way opened up (even though it is a one size and is supposed to last until potty training). Jonas is 11 months here and right at 30 pounds, over the 100th percentile. Your baby will most likely fit differently. I personally get the best fit (out of our stash choices) from the Kawaii opened all the way up.

PUL is thin. When Jonas had a BM, you could see the brown through the cover. Yuck! I prefer a little thicker pul, as I have NEVER been able to see the contents of a diaper through a pocket before. That being said, 2 out of the 3 times he wore it, he did not leak. The third time, he wore it for 3 hours and it leaked MAJORLY! But I should have changed him sooner.

Lack of color choices - They might add other colors/patterns later, but for now it is pink, blue, or white. Pretty baby basic.

One row of snaps - I prefer 2, but for the price it is decent. Good quality snaps.

Biggest Con - inner material. While at first I thought it was soft, after washing it, it was pretty catchy like microfiber. Not soft at all. In fact the last time he wore this diaper he was really red on his bum (not typical with cloth) and I am not convinced it wasn't from this inner material. I prefer the softness of the Kawaii's and some others I have.

Overall, a good fit for my chunky monkey!

We will continue to use this free one, but for my money, I'd rather buy Kawaii or a more expensive diaper, as I don't see the PUL lasting long on these diapers. I think other brands will hold up over time.

I love the look of a baby in cloth, and while for me this was only an average diaper (comparable to Coolababy), you might think differently. I urge you to try diapers out for yourself until you find the perfect fit/absorbacny/price for your baby.


  1. how did you get a free diaper?

  2. I was "in the right place at the right time" basically. I was in a forum on www.diaperswappers.com and the owner posted a post about how the first three mamas to email him would get to do a trial for his diaper as long as we would review it on our blogs and on diaperswappers, and anywhere else we choose to. :) I'm hoping to keep the reviews coming, I like trying new diapers. It just takes a while to use one diaper enough times to do a valid review. I would at least think you'd want to give it three tries, in our case that would take a week and a half since I only wash every other day.

  3. this must be an older review, because comfy rumps has like 8-9 colors, on their site...i think this diaper is the old version too... i have some of both the new and the old, the new has fleece, not suede inside and also extra snaps at the hips... can't go wrong with pocket cloth diapers under $10!

  4. It is a pretty old review. You can note the date. I reviewed this diaper pretty early on in their diaper making career. If they have fixed those things I'm sure they are better diapers now. Most of those were on my cons list. I'd be happy to review them again if they send one my way. I love supporting cloth companies.

  5. Meredith,
    I was on their site today. I don't know about reviewers but anyone can get a sample diaper for $7 with free shipping upon request. Sample colors are now limited to white and pink, but they have more colors for sale and had a second style with designs but are currently sold out.

  6. Wow, that's great. I am heading over to check out their site again. Like I posted above, the very nice gentleman who owns this brand of diapers asked for reviewers on diaperswappers.com. I tried his diaper (I paid $3 shipping) three times, and I feel I left a fair review. At the time he sent the diaper, all of the points I mentioned were true. There were only one row of snaps, and there were only a few colors. The inner material was scratchy, cheaper suedecloth (I guess), and the white pul was so thin I saw his dirty diaper through. :(

    To their credit, a good company takes feedback and makes changes, and as the company grows can make improvements to their product. Their original diaper did well with functionality. Adding a second row of snaps and more colors/patterns is a plus. And the price is great. Comparable to the Kawaii brand pricing, thus why I specifically compared it to the Kawaii. I am interested to try a new style diaper and give an updated review, and may do that in the near future.

    Thank you all for the updates about this company, I wish them well, and am thrilled anytime cloth diaper companies succeed. I think cloth diapers are wonderful, and I think that they are not as commonly used because people are unaware at how they have changed over the years. I urge you all (as I did in my actual review) to try different cloth diaper companies for yourself to see if they work well for your baby. Not everyone has the same taste in diapers, this review was just my opinion of the original Comfy Rumps, and everyone should note, that I have been informed of inprovements to the product line. :)

  7. I think your review was great and I could see the changes that they made just by looking at the picture and it was all the things that you had mentioned. So I think with your comments you gave them some food for thought and they took your suggestions seriously. That is what reviews are all about! Good job. I have just bought my own fuzzibunz cloth diapers because a friend of mine carries them and I got them at cost as a favour, but even the cost on them is more than the retail on these ones! Once my daughter is born and I get the hang of cloth diapering I may just give these other guys a try. Never hurts to have backups and try something new, so I will likely give them a chance in the New year!
    Thanks for the review. Very informative.