Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Trouble Chewing...Adventures in Vinyl Lettering

You know the old saying, "I think I bit off more than I can chew"?  Well, I don't necessarily think I bit off more than I could chew, (though Jon's help was essential to the truth in that statement as he was a huge help!) but I think I bit off more than was FUN to chew yesterday!  LOL!  What I mean is, I did a big job.  I knew I could apply vinyl in small scale.  And then I got asked if I could do vinyl on a 12 foot trailer.  The adventurous side of me couldn't say no, plus I love my Pastor (the owner of the business/trailer) so the work began!  It was HUGE!!  (Did I say that yet??!?!)  Well, that sucker looked MUCH bigger up close than I counted on (I had only seen it from a distance, and in the pictures Jon took).  But, Jonathan and I tackled that big boy one vinyl strip at a time, and little by little, letter by letter, we did it.  We actually pulled it off.  And it actually turned out great.  Now I 'm not saying it was my last trailer job, but I am saying it is much harder than it looks, and I am not chomping at the bits to do it again any time soon!  I have played with my Cricut and vinyl for about a year and a half now, and have gotten pretty proficient at it.  But this was by far, the biggest job I've ever done.

For the record, I did not cut all that vinyl out on my Cricut.  That would have been horrific to do on this scale (not to mention, doing it 3 times for all the sides of the trailer!) but also been impossible to line up straight.  Special thanks to Johnson Signs of Pageland, SC (my friends hubby) for cutting out the vinyl for us on his plotter,  for a VERY reasonable price! :)  And also thanks for talking me through it and putting up with all my questions!  It wouldn't have been so smooth without your help Josh!

It was super hot yesterday, and we worked very hard.  We sweated like crazy.  But we had fun, and we did it together.  We have such a sense of accomplishment, and personally, I think it looks fantastic!

Take a peek at Custom Gutters LLC's newly vinyl lettered trailer!  It goes out on its first job in the morning! :)

In total there were three sides.  We did the back first because it was the smallest and easiest.  So that was yesterday.  I had all but sworn off vinyl and thought about taking a sabbatical from vinyl entirely when I suggested to Jon that we give the Connec+een kids (our youth group) a gift for back to school.  We bought some super cheap notebooks and I once again used vinyl.  They are simple, but the logo on the front looked great and gave a really personalized touch.  The teenagers loved them.  :)

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