Monday, August 16, 2010

Kissing the mid-twenties goodbye!

Twenty-six is almost behind me.  As "birthday week" continues, I'd like to set forth some goals for myself in the coming year.  I think that by publishing these publicly I will feel more obligated to complete them and keep them! :)

This summer has gone by in a whirlwind of traveling and activities...all of which have gotten me off track in many ways. 

1.  All that packing and unpacking has "unorganized" me and my "home" quite a bit.  I hope to do some "fall cleaning" out, as it cannot possibly wait for Spring Cleaning!  It truly has been a lot of fun going on vacation, visiting family, camps, weddings and all the things that caused us to hit the road, but I look forward to slowing down a bit soon.  :)

2.  Dieting - I'm a horrible dieter.  I am obsessively compulsively addicted to chocolate.  It is rare that I eat a candy that I don't like.  My palate is not as picky as it should be I suppose, as I don't mind fast food.  At all.  I have friends and there are teens in our youth group that say frequently, "I don't like that restaurant" or "I hate ____".  I like fast food.  I might even love it.  And my hips are the evidence.  Not only am I a terrible dieter, I am a die hard exercise hater.  :(  I wish I liked it.  But along with re-organizing my drawers and closets, I want to diet and exercise and lose some weight!

3.  Financially - all that eating out and traveling has been terrible financially.  Not only have we spent tons of $$ on gas, on fast food on the way, and increased shopping at our destinations (why is that?), I have fallen behind on the coupon wagon.  I chalk it up to "busy-ness", not having time to clip and shop around since I've been jumping in and out of town all summer.  So, my goal is to jump back in to that full force.  I signed up for newspaper delivery for those much needed coupons.  :) 

4.  Crafting - I've crafted a little this summer, but only in a hurry and only for other people.  So for my birthday I requested some uninterrupted craft time to do some scrapping and such.  I'm farther behind than just the summer, but I've depleted much of my card stash and not replaced it.  I've even used some cards that I'd held onto for a year or more that I was just too attached to to give away.  It's gone! :)  It did bring joy, so it was worth it, but I like having them saved up.

5.  Christian Life - I really am trying to be the best Christian I can be.  I started taking more notes for personal reflection and have been searching for a couples Bible Study to start with Jonathan.  When we first got married we had devo's every night together and after we finished that book, we never picked up another.  So my short term goal for this year is to start a new couples devo, and my long term goal is to start family devotions with Jonas too.  I'd like to become a habit for us.

So, this week, I have three more days until I'm 27.  I am not exactly where I'd like to be in life, but I'm embracing the journey God has us on.  I have several things that frustrate me about our circumstances and I could complain about, but I am going to make a valiant effort to NOT complain about it.  I'm going to pro-actively push myself and my family to be the best we can be in the place God has led us. 

I love my family, and I hope that laying out these goals for the fall will help me to be a better person.  I want to do my best as a homemaker, and be the best wife/mom I can be.  I want to be a better Christian too.  My list isn't very demanding is it? LOL! :)  What are your expectations for yourself?  How have they changed for you since you got married/had children/got older?

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