Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cutiepoops Diaper Review

It's been a while since I reviewed a diaper...and I am so ashamed!  :)  I love cloth diapering so much and would love to impart the knowledge I have gained to you all faithful blog readers and followers.

I recently learned about a SAHM who makes diapers under the brand name "Cutiepoops".  I heard such rave reviews, I just HAD to try them.  She offers adorable patterns and I heard such great things about her style of diaper.  Unfortunately, when I started itching to try it out, she was closed for new orders!  She got flooded with new orders all at once, and was so back-ordered she closed her shop for a while to catch up.  What a great problem to have.  One day I happened to catch on facebook that she was going to try and add an in-stock diaper on her site as often as she could.  That's when I got excited.  I waited and was the first one to get that instock diaper when it was listed.  Maybe not the print I would have picked first from her long list of adorable fabrics, but none the less it is cute! :)  I paid $16.95 for it, and it I will say is well worth it.  Thankfully, she's all caught up (Whoo hooo!) and open for orders.  She is also stocking the "In Stock" section of her store so that you can get your hands on Cutiepoops faster! 

I give this diaper ***** out of ***** stars! :)
1.  Adorable prints!
2.  Long soaker that you just fold over and stuff, holds a ton, but dries fast because it is long and thin instead of short and thick.  Great for those who want things to dry quickly.
3.  Diaper design - front isn't cluttered with snaps, she has an innovative snap/elastic mechanism in the leg gussets for changing the size (I have a one size diaper).  It is really cool, and was very unexpected!  Not that hard to change the size, and looks waaaaaay better than a million snaps on the outside!
4.  Good quality materials!  PUL is great, velcro is high quality, elastic is good.  We've used it about six times at least with only minimal wicking.

Overall I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this diaper!

If I had anything really negative to say it would be that it tends to be a tad bulkier than some other brands, but it really isn't bad.  Nothing like a minky Kawaii or Envibum in the thick/bulky department...just not as trim as say a FuzziBunz or a BumGenius.

We have experienced wicking a bit with this diaper, but my son is a super-soaker, and it was when I should have more frequently changed him.  That being said, she recently came out with a new style diaper with pul on the front to alleviate the possibility of wicking.  I will be buying some of those style very soon!

These are great diapers and I would recommend them to anyone!  They are fun, hope you enjoyed this review, and also the pictures of my little cutie in his Cutiepoops cloth diaper!  You can click the title of this post to be directed to the website!  :)  Show them some love and "like" them on Facebook!

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