Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Easter!

I know it is a few weeks early, but I wanted to share a few of our sweet little Easter pictures.  A friend/client of mine had a sweet white bunny named "Ace" and she brought him to share with us for our photoshoot (right after her little cutie!).  She also picked up some baby chicks for us!  They were so adorable.  Apparently, Jaxon thought they were edible. :)

I loved the little chicks.  However, I did not realize how hard it was to keep them alive.  It makes me a little bit sad to look at these pictures now, since three of our sweet baby chickens are no longer with us. :(  I've been super paranoid since starting to "lose" chicks about kids holding them for photos.  So far it has worked okay to let them gently hold them or just "be" in the photos unheld.  I seriously feel like I have five children now...ha ha!  They are definitely spoiled little things!  They will be going to live on a farm really soon--since they are starting to get bigger and grow feathers.  They won't manage well in our neighborhood, even though they are having fun in the backyard today. :)

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