Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Jonas Andrew! 02/25/09 changed my life in the most wonderful way!  God gave me and Jon a bouncing, constantly in motion, hilarious, hard-headed, stubborn first-born {like his mama}, wonderful, perfect, crafty, super smart, but still not potty-trained all the way daddy's boy! :)

 Jonas isn't really much of a picture takes some prodding and bribing, but he did pretty good this day.  Maybe he really is growing up! :)  I always say it was God's sense of humor, giving a child who hates being photographed/refuses to give natural/normal looking smiles to a photographer mommy.  ;)
 Jonas is 42 inches tall and 47 of his 3 year old checkup!  Right at the 100th percentile...maybe a little above. ;)  Very solid.  Strangers constantly say, "He's only three?", which is a little frustrating since he says he's four and sometimes we want him to eat free....ha ha! :)
 Holding tight to his balloons!  He loved them!
 It was very hot, so bless his little red faced  Jonathan and I were discussing how we always looked sweaty and red-faced in photos as a kid.  {add sweaty messed up bangs in my case}  I guess he got it honestly from both sides.  He is still a little stud though! :)  You can see his fingers still clinched around his balloons. 
I can't believe my first born son is already three years old!  Time sure does fly.  He wishes it would fly a little faster...he tells everyone he's four (almost to the point that I believe him!).  ;)

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