Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year...New House?

So the exciting news for our family is that we are under contract on a house!  After months of looking at many different forclosures, we found one we love and pray to live in really soon!  Before Jaxon gets here preferably!  The way things go now, we won't have any security in knowing that we'll have the house for sure until the bank does their appraisal and whatever repairs they want done are finished and reinspected.  So we are still in limbo, but a few steps closer to our dream home!  Pray with us that God's will be done.  Much has to work out!  If it does, we are set to close no later than February 15th!  And I for one, can not wait to have my own place in "God's house" (lol) is starting to wear on there is this tiny fourth family member on his way that needs a place for a crib! :)

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