Monday, January 24, 2011

24 Weeks

We're over the hump!  The halfway hump that is!  Maybe I should rephrase that because truthfully, I HAVE THE HUMP!!! :)  What am I talking about?  Well, this pregnancy!  Jaxon is over half way done "baking".  I feel truly blessed to have this great treasure of a boy growing inside me.  In some ways I dread the day he is born, because there is just something so special about him growing inside my belly.  I love feeling's like, "I'm never alone!"  :)  I do look forward to seeing his sweet face and discovering who he looks like.  I look forward to putting some of Jonas's hand-me-down favorites on him, and starting over again with the sweet baby stage.  I can't wait to see Jonas and his baby brother together. 

We took these pictures this past week.  I am now almost 26 weeks pregnant (Wednesday) and took the time to ponder Sunday the value of the baby that is inside me.  As a Christian, I know that each baby is a blessing from the Lord, and "the fruit of the womb is his reward".  I truly feel sentimental (though I am not sure that is the word for it) about this pregnancy more so than my last.  While my first was utterly exciting and special, it occurred after we had "tried" to get pregnant.  Jaxon was a complete surprise.  So in some ways, it makes me feel sentimental, that God thought fit to give us an unexpected reward, or gift.  Sunday was "Sanctity of Life Sunday" and I took time to think about how special pregnancy really is.  God is forming Jaxon in my womb, and is making something that is "fearfully and wonderfully made."  He intimately knows Jaxon even now, before his birth.  He knows him better than I ever will.  I think of my pregnancy, and I think about the women out there that have a low regard for their babies, and choose to abort them.  It truly saddens me.  I saw a figure today that said over 52 million abortions have occurred since Roe vs. Wade.  I am sure that is not accurate, as there are probably many more babies who's lives were cut short.  I read an article of a couple who had three boys, and became pregnant with twin boys.  Because they really wanted a girl, they aborted the twin boys.  It was appalling.  It literally brings tears to my eyes to think of these precious babies, that would be wanted by so many loving families via adoption, having their lives cut short by a horrific procedure.  I pray that the crisis pregnancy agencies that are striving to give mothers other options besides abortion will flourish and have huge impact on the world.  I also pray that God will use me, somehow, someway to help the cause of saving the unborn.

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