Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Shaker Box Card

Inspired by the Cricut Messageboard...

1. I used my Cuttlebug to emboss the acrylic, which is really just trash. It is the packaging the cuttlebug folder comes in. :) Kind of ironic what used to hold the folder now got embossed by it! :)

2. Skittles (really, Decorative Accents from M's) filled inside this shaker box card...the blue, clear and yellow acrylic "skittles" shake around. I used foam strips along a frame to make this shaker. I really think it turned out great for my first try. I added ribbon from M's for something extra.

3. The cardstock is printed with stars, plain orange/yellow when you open it. I stamped "Thinking of you" and two flourishes in brown. I would have used teal if I had it... maybe one day. :)

Thanks for looking! :)


  1. What a fun idea to put Skittle in your shaker card!!

  2. wonderful card!! Will have to 'scrap lift"