Thursday, September 2, 2010

Some cool things...ERGO &

I got an email today for free photo books from  The difference to normal offers is that this is an ongoing thing for FOUR free photo books per month.  Wow!  All you pay is $2.99 shipping per book.  I'm uploading pics now to try this out.  It is, for the record, taking me forever to upload them. :(

This is what the email looked like, so go to and sign up.  Let me know if you have good luck with this too! :)  I plan on making one book and getting it printed for both sets of grandparents.  Cool deal!  Look forward to seeing how these come out!

Today, had the ERGO I've been coveting, (Okay, not the exact one, but for 45% off, I settled for a cool black one with embroidery!) for almost half price.  :)  I was so excited!  I remembered that dad has been putting aside some $ for Jonas that I've been saving up, and now I'm spending it on Jonas! :)  So yay!  We have a slick new carrier for up to 90 pounds!  :)  He gets pretty heavy, so I hope this works out great! 

You can check out to see the product line.  They are featured on several times a year, but it is hit or miss to whether you'll get one before they're gone.  I've heard they are worth it, and they are very highly rated!  I got the black with embroidery pictured above.  There are some new performance ones that I like the colors better, but hey, for $50 cheaper, the black is for me! :)

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  1. my friend has an ergo and loves it! the only down side is theat it doesnt forward face, but by 30+ pounds thats kinda outta the question anyways! i have a sleepy wrap and love it!