Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Attack of the Ants!

My sweet Jonas got "attacked" by fire ants on Friday morning, while he was taking his baby steps through the yard here at church.  He stepped right into their home.  I didn't even know he was being stung until I picked him up and they started stinging me!  What a tough baby boy I have!  Needless to say, I acted quickly, stripping him down to his birthday suit to make sure we got them all off!  Needed to make sure there weren't any in his diaper.  All in all he ended up with about 30 bites.  A lot of bites for someone so small! 

He was fine at first, and so we laid him down to take his usual nap [[except that this momma was so worried, I checked on him every few minutes]].  When he got up at 3, he had a fever of 102.  I called his doctor, and he suggested we take him to the ER just to make sure he didn't need fluids.  The ER at Memorial Hospital was wonderful.  We were in and out in an hour.  I've spent longer at the doctor's office WITH AN APPOINTMENT!  I was expecting to be there for hours, what a pleasant surprise.  His nurses were great, and the doctor was super gentle with him.  He ended up getting a very strong antibiotic, and orders to pop the pustules.  :(  He's doing better now, except for a tummy ache from all that strong medicine and an unrelated cold.

One of my husband's "pet peeves" [[I assume, since he comments on it when someone incorrectly states it]] is when people say they have ant bites.  His vast pest control knowledge has been imparted to let me know that they are not "bites" but "stings".  Just for kicks...this is a "Red Imported Fire Ant":

Watch out for these!  Their "homes" or anthills are more flat, not mounded like typical ants.  They tend to spread out more flatly.  Hoping Jonas's scabs heal quickly!

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