Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So my blog counter passed 1,000 today! :) How exciting to think that my blog has been looked at 1,000 times! :) People probably only stayed for a second, but none the less it makes me want to blog more! :) I finished doing "Jonas" layouts for the pics that I've already printed, so I guess my house will stay somewhat cleaner w/out scrapping stuff on the dining room table until I get back over to Wolf Camera (on a Tues/Wed of course, I'm a bargain hunting kind of girl--get a thrill out of a great deal!) Six cents per picture is the only way I can afford my luxury of scrapping! :) I finished Mother's Day and Baby Dedication pages, think I'll go take pics now so that you can enjoy! Goodnight for now, hopefully be back soon with more pics to post...if not, until tomorrow!


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